​A popular, low-risk, high value way to begin an analytics engagement.
  • Best for complex, multi- dimensional and/or difficult to define problem areas
  • 4-6 hour moderated session
  • IHBI team includes modeling expert, statistician, computer scientist, social scientist, data expert, faculty SME
  • Customer team includes owner of problem, data expert, up/down stream stakeholders, user of the project output.
  • examine problem formulation, literature, related problems in neighboring disciplines and layout framework for a solution.
Sample Agenda
    • 9:00 Introduction of session participants
    • 9:15 Introduction of IHBI@CMU approach and innovation process - IHBI@CMU Moderator
    • 9:45 Presentation of the problem statement - Company/Organization Representatives
      • In-depth description of the challenge
      • Example of previous related efforts
      • Description of the current business processes related to the challenge
    • 10:15 Question and Answer
    • 10:45 Break
    • 11:00 Problem brainstorming including:
      • Idea generation around challenge area
      • Questions about the current business process
      • Literature review
      • Critical sources of data
    • 12:30 Working Lunch
    • 1:00 Summary of discussion
      • Outline and prioritize ideas
      • Determine feasibility of solution strategies
      • Create a timeline for IHBI@CMU to write up session results
    • 2:00 Adjourn
Deliverable: 4-8 page summary document that captures major ideas and specific recommendations for high-value opportunities. Opportunities typically form the basis for project proposals.
Major sections include:
  • Executive Summary
  • Background
  • Problem Statement
  • Data Mining and Advanced Analytics Opportunities
  • Mind Map
  • Other Ideas
  • Data
  • Literature
  • Specific, recommended next steps