About the Institute
At the Institute for Health & Business Insight (IHBI), we bring together advanced analytics experts, world-class university researchers and resources, and powerful technology to help companies build revenue, reduce costs, improve their bottom line, and make complex business decisions.

We use sophisticated tools and expert insight to get the most out of organizational data. And we leverage information from external sources-census data, environmental data, world events, and the web.

Our goal is to turn raw data to practical use, helping businesses understand how data-driven decisions in marketing, manufacturing, finance, and more will impact their competitive environment-their future-and their bottom line.  We keep costs low thanks to our affordable proof-of-concept projects, our unique access to faculty and student researchers at Central Michigan University.

Our service and affordability have earned us long-term relationships with Fortune 500 companies like Dow Chemical, Dow Corning, General Motors, and Ford as well as with government agencies like the State of Michigan.

Beyond helping companies address their business challenges, we're a resource to the business intelligence community, hosting leaders in industry, academia, and technology to explore ideas and tap into latest research, resources, and tools in business intelligence.