The Health Technology Group exists to support teaching, research, and business processes in the College of Health Professions. We strive to make technology functional, seamless, and exciting.

Full-Time Staff
Rob Brown

Coordinator, Production/Mediation | Health Professions Building 2265F  ​(989) 774-1824 | brown1rt@


Oliver Strong
Associate Director of Applications | Health Professions Building 2265K
(989) 400-0785 |

Daniel Woods

Electronics Technician | Health Professions Building 2265A

Student Support Staff
Health Professions Building 2265 | (989) 774-1824
Mail blank.jpgJared Chism, Desktop Support
Mail blank.jpgDennis Livingston, Master Control Support
Mail blank.jpgKeith Ferriols
Graphic Designer |
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Graphic Design Concentration
Mail blank.jpgAlan Warner
Programmer |
Bachelor of Science: Information Techonology
Mail blank.jpg
Bryan Caragay, Programmer