​​​​​​The Health Technology Group exists to support teaching, research, and business processes in the College of Health Professions. We strive to make technology functional, seamless, and exciting.

Full Time Staff
Rob Brown​

Coordinator, Production/Mediation | 2265F Health Professions Building
(989) 774-1824 | brown1rt@​cmich.edu​​


Oliver Strong
Associate Director of Applications | 2265K H​ealth Professions Building
(989) 400-0785 | stron1om@cmich.edu

Daniel Woods

Electronics Technician | 2265​A Health Professions Building
(989) 560-2975woods1dj@cmich.edu​

Student Support Staff
2265 Health Professions Building | (989) 774-1824​
Mail blank.jpg​Jared Chism, Desktop Support

Jacob Currie, Desktop Support

Major: Computer Science | curri1jp@cmich.edu

Mail blank.jpg
Nate Mackovjak, Desktop Support

Major: MSIS

Mail blank.jpg​Brad Thompson, Desktop Support
Jessica Jone​s, Master Control Support
​Major:  Music Education |​ jones20j@cmich.edu​
Cassie​ Fehr, Master Control Support

Margaret Elias, Master Control Support
​Special Education
Mail blank.jpg​Dennis Livingston, Master Control Support
​Kyle Anderson, Programmer
Major: ​Computer Science | ander1kv@cmich.edu
Kaleb Hermes, Programmer
Major: Computer Science | herme1km@cmich.edu​
Christopher Wylie, Programmer

Major: Computer Science | wylie1cp@cmich.edu