The animation program at CMU combines traditional animation tools along-side advanced digital technology.   Our dedicated Animation Computer lab is outfitted with powerful double-monitor workstations which include 27” Imac computers and full-screen Wacom Cintiqs for digital drawing, sculpting and animation.  Each workstation is fully loaded with industry grade softwares to support a variety of animation workflows including 2D motion graphics, 3D animation and tradigital animation (a combination of traditional drawing and digital production tools). 

W224 2018 Lab Photo .jpg

Above: Animation Computer Lab

Downshooter & Advanced Traditional Animation Labs: 

Our Downshooter and Advanced Traditional Labs are designed for playful exploration in a variety of analogue media such as clay, paper cut-out and even sand animation.  Each workstation is outfitted with a professional DSLR cameraImac computer and industry grade software for capturing and processing frame-by-frame animation. 

W125A 2018 Downshooter montage.jpg

Above: Downshooter and Advanced Traditional Animation Labs


Student Work