The Department of Art and Design is proud to announce that the new BFA Animation Concentration is officially open for business . . . and in spring of 2020 we will be graduating our first class of animators!  We began offering animation classes in fall 2017 and in only four short semesters over a dozen animation courses have been taught, by three animation professors, to a growing student body of animators fully participating in department exhibitions and critiques.  We even managed to pick up a BestBumper Award at the Traverse City Film Festival last summer!  Stay tuned as we update this page with the latest news on our growing animation community at CMU.

CMU FALL 2019 ANIMATION TEASER - 1 Minute from CMU Leeper on Vimeo.

Here's a small taste of what's been happening in CMU's new Animation Program as of Fall 2019


Animation is a process that involves a broad set of skills, practices and technologies that communicate through motion, design and visual narrative.  Students studying animation at CMU will develop the artistic vision and technical skills necessary to produce powerful visual stories, in a positive, supportive and creative community. 

The animation program provides students with a broad exposure to animation as an industry and as an internationally celebrated artform.  Students can choose to work in a variety of media from hand-drawn animation, to traditional stop-motion techniques, to 3D computer animation.  The topics they study will include character design, storyboarding, modeling, character and effects animation, and more.  As students progress they are encouraged to focus on specific areas of interest while contributing to a variety of advanced production opportunities.

Students that graduate with a BFA in Animation will leave CMU with a broad set of skills and will be able to work in a variety of areas including the entertainment industry, illustration and advertising, prototyping and design for manufacturing, and the medical media industry. 
The Department of Art and Design has an active animation student organization (Animation Super Station) that meets on a regular basis to screen films, host speakers and support individual projects.




Dedicated Animation Lab:

Animation at CMU combines traditional animation tools along-side advanced digital technology.   Our dedicated Animation Computer lab is outfitted with powerful double-monitor workstations which include 27” Imac computers and  Wacom Cintiqs for on-screen digital drawing, sculpting and animation.  Each workstation is fully loaded with industry grade softwares to support a variety of animation workflows including 2D motion graphics, 3D animation and tradigital animation (a combination of traditional drawing and digital production tools).

W224 2018 Lab Photo .jpg

Above: Dedicated Animation Computer Lab

Traditional Media Animation Labs:

Our Traditional Media Animation Labs are designed for playful exploration in a variety of analogue media such as clay, paper cut-out and even sand animation.  Each workstation is outfitted with a professional DSLR camera, Imac computer and industry grade software for capturing and processing frame-by-frame animation.


Above: Advanced Traditional Animation Labs


Student Work