The Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) program at CMU is designed to prepare students for the creative workforce in any of the studio art areas. 

The BAA degree in Studio Art is a program open to all students at CMU and does not require an application. There is a portfolio review required at the completion of the foundation courses. The BAA degree is unique to CMU and is similar to a BA degree in studio art at other universities. The unique advantage of the BAA allows for a more customized degree program. After the completion of general education requirements students select a minor (which include more than 20 interdisciplinary minors) that will complement their Studio Art program and academic interests. Structuring the BAA degree this way allows students to take more credits in the studio areas and gain more depth in their major area of study, and at the same time focus their studies outside of art and design in areas they find interesting and relevant to their academic goals.​