The photography program within the CMU Department of Art & Design offers a wide range of technical, conceptual and historical coursework in fine art photography. Through a wide base of photographic curricula, we stimulate professional and technical development and critical thinking. Coursework includes classes in digital photography, studio photography, and alternative photographic processes within a large photography studio and two recently constructed teaching labs dedicated to photographic practice and high-resolution photographic printing.

Through the sequence of fine art photography courses students are exposed to a broad range of historic and contemporary styles and are encouraged to experiment with a wide variety of concepts, techniques and presentation. Photography students at CMU have won many honors, received research grants, and participated in art exhibitions at local, regional and national venues.​




Facilities include two photography studios with a full compliment of lighting equipment, a 21-seat computer lab with up-to-date photo editing software, a traditional darkroom, and a dedicated digital print lab with a range of medium and large format printing capabilities.​



Student Work