The printmaking curriculum is designed to provide students with a dynamic understanding of printmaking processes while offering both traditional and experimental techniques. Experienced faculty encourage creative and critical thinking, research, and experimentation in the studio setting. Students are regularly challenged to expand their understanding of two dimensional image space and the conceptual, material, visual effects of their function in an image saturated contemporary landscape. Coursework provides an in-depth appreciation of the historical techniques inherent to traditional printmaking studio practice, while giving further insight to current issues in contemporary art practice. Students are encouraged to look beyond the studio for inspiration to integrate poetry, music, science, and their own personal interests across disciplines. 

The printmaking studio is a rich environment and community where ideas and experimentation are in constant exchange. Students are provided access to national portfolio exchanges, visiting artist workshops, collaborative projects and exhibitions, and organized trips to national printmaking conferences.



Traditional printmaking instruction includes screen printing, relief, mono-type, intaglio (traditional etching/ImagOn), lithography (photo/stone/plate), and alternative processes. Facilities include an open studio work environment, multiple sized and numbered lithography stones, lithography press, large format etching presses, extensive screen printing materials and equipment, and Nu-arc exposure units.

Print Exchange 2017

PRINTS DUE DECEMBER 4th, 2017. Portfolios will be sent to participants January 2018.  

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