Sculpture.jpgSculpture in the Art & Design Department is an interdisciplinary and dynamic environment integral to understanding the manipulation of materials, space, and issues of the built domain. Expanding on 3D concepts introduced in foundations coursework, students develop a conceptual and technical understanding of sculptural practice. Coursework introduces students to various propositions that require thoughtful and creative solutions, which may take a variety of abstract and narrative forms. Students consider the perceptual, formal, and critical effect of objects on their design, as well as their social and environmental impact. Classroom discussions and presentations provide an historical context for contemporary sculpture in order to examine emerging topics and new approaches in making. ​The body of work developed by students in the sculpture program leads to employment opportunities across the arts while also providing a solid foundation for further graduate studies. Educational field trips to galleries, museums, as well as visiting artist lectures and studio visits provide a rigorous environment for making.​

Experienced and dedicated faculty provide students with individual support and guidance as they develop and realize their ideas. Emphasis is placed on research and communication as students learn to effectively articulate their intentions, ideas, and findings. Instruction in traditional studio processes, digital fabrication techniques, and site work provide support as students consider their making in both the physical and virtual world. 



With a foundational understanding of traditional concepts and material handling, students are encouraged to experiment, and work across disciplines. Students are challenged to consider the conceptual and formal qualities of objects, installation, performance, site-work, time-based art, and extended media. Advanced coursework further explores theory and practice of sculpture as contemporary art practice, while providing a supportive environment where students develop a personal vision and approach to making. Facilitating an array of materials, media, and techniques, the sculpture faculty aims to create a dynamic environment where students are challenged to critically engage with the world through the objects and forms they make.


Student Work


Sculpture at CMU includes traditional and contemporary facilities for the creation of sculpture in the expanded field. These facilities are primarliy located in the North Art Studio, as well as some resources in Wightman Hall. The sculpture facilities include:

Professional Wood Shop: 

SawStop Table Saw, Planer, Jointer, Multiple Drill Presses, 2 Full-Size Band Saws, Scroll Saw, 2 Miter Sliding 12" Miter Saws, Belt Sander, and full compliment of power hand tools, manual tools, and clamps.  ​

Sculpture facilities-02a.jpg

Professional Metal Shop: 

4 MIG Welders, 3 TIG Welders, Plasma Cutter, Oxygen-Acetylene Welding/Cutting, Large Sheet Metal Bending Brake, Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shear, Band Saw, Beverly Shear, Finishing Wheel, Sandblasting Cabinet, Bench Grinder, Drill Press, Metal Cut-Off Saw, Horizontal Hydraulic Band Saw, Bar Bender, Buffing and Polishing wheel, Belt Sander, and full compliment of power hand tools, manual tools and clamps. 

NAS Metal Shop.jpg

Full Bronze Foundry: 

Mold-Making & Wax Working Shop, Ceramic Shell Investment area, ​Burnout Furnace, Refractory Furnace, Metal Finishing Area (Welding and Chasign) &  Metal Patination Area

Digital Fabrication Studios:  Video of Art and Design's Digital Fab Studios (click!)

48"x48" CNC Plasma Cutter, 48"x48" CNC Router, Laser Cutter & Engraver,  30 MakerBot Replicator 5th Gen 3D Printers​, 5 large-scale Z18 Makerbot Replicators, Form 2 SLA Hi-Resolution 3D printer & Vacuum Former 

Above:  30 MakerBot Replicator 5th Gen 3D Printers​, 5 large-scale Z18 Makerbot Replicators


Above: Lincoln Torchmate 4400 48"x48" Digital Robotic CNC Plasma Cutter. (handles sheet stock metals up to 1/2" thick: mild/stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, & brass)

Makerbot Lab  FORM2 (2).JPG
Above: Formlabs Form 2 (resin-based SLA high resolution 3D Printer) Artwork in-progress by Chris Driver, BFA '19

Laser Cutter.jpg
Above: 75 watt Laser Cutter Universal Laser ILS 12.75 w/24"x48" cutting bed (handles: paper, cardstock, fabric, natural/manufactured wood up to 1/2" thick, acrylic, and more...)

NAS - CNC Router (1).JPG
Above: Zenbot 4'x4' CNC Wood & Foam Router

Shop Equipment Safety