​​Architects plan, design and inspect the construction of all types of buildings, including private homes, offices, hospitals, laboratories, theatres, libraries, museums, schools and factories. Some architects have private practices and work alone although most architects work as members of a team under the direction of a project manager or a more experienced architect. Their work requires using design, engineering, managerial and supervisory skills to produce structures that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and safe.

Pre-professional studies are designed to prepare students with the requirements for applying to professional schools for further study. They are not majors or minors at CMU but are programs that work in conjunction with a selected related major.​ 


Program Overview​

There are architectural schools in Michigan. Landscape architecture is also available. Applicants should transfer after completing a maximum of two years of professional coursework at CMU. Students should apply to the architectural school by January of the second year of studies.

Accredited degree programs typically include:
1) a four-year, nonprofessional baccalaureate degree followed by a two-year, master of architecture degree;
2) a five-year bachelor of architecture degree; and
3) a six-year curriculum leading to a master of architecture degree.

No special examinations are generally required for admission to the architectural schools. The architectural schools review the quality and content of all previous academic education, personal statements of professional purpose and letters of recommendation. A number of architectural schools may require an architectural related essay and/or a portfolio of art and architectural related projects.

Typically, a student will transfer to an architectural school after a maximum of two years. Coursework must include extensive art/design classes, together with two courses in English Composition, a minimum of one course each in calculus and physics. Additional courses are to be selected from the areas of: humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and introductory computer science.

A typical first semester schedule at CMU:
ART 106 (3) or ART 115 (3)
MTH 130 (4) or MTH 132 (4)
ENG 101 (3) or COM 101 (3)
Humanities electives (6)

Degree Outlook

JobMedian PayJob Growth through ​2022​
Architect$73,090 per year17% (18,600 more job)
Landscape architect$64,180 per year14% (2,900 more jobs)
Architectural/engineering manager$124,870 per year7% (13,100 more jobs)​