​​​​​Degree Options: Bachelor of Science in Education (BS Ed.)

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The central mission of the Visual Arts Education program is to advance student learning by helping develop creative and expressive artistic abilities, strengthen interpretive and analytic skills in studio practice, learn art criticism and aesthetics, and strengthen and improve their overall visual literacy as it relates to post-modern culture. Art education endorses a view of art and design that involves the visual and philosophic concerns of multiracial, multiethnic concepts and appeal to humankind on a universal level. Towards the end of the degree, the future art teacher is exposed to the rigors of studio practice and scholarly inquiry with an eye toward synthesizing knowledge for an ever enlarging culture.

Students enrolled in the visual arts education program complete multiple service learning projects as part of their coursework, gaining valuable experience and an understanding of the importance of serving in their communities.​​


​​​Program Overview​

​​The art program curriculum at CMU meets the requirements for accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and offers a va​riety of art courses that help students master artistic skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, or photography.

There are multiple options for Visual Arts Education. You do not need a minor with this major, but may choose to do so. 

You may also receive a BS in Education, Secondary Provisional Certification, MLE Option which requires one minor. The Middle Level Education Minor may be chosen in addition to the content major and minor.

You may also receive a BS in Education, Secondary Provisional Certification, Option 2, Choice 1, 2 MajorsFor those who choose a second major: Students are highly encouraged to seek early special education advising to determine options for meeting Michigan Department of Education Highly Qualified requirements. This choice requires one major from Major Group I AND one major from Major Group II.

The course listings and requirements are taken from the 2017-2018 bulletin.

This art major consists of 51 semester hours arranged in consultation with a departmental advisor. This will certify the graduate to teach art, K-12. The student is required to make arrangements to have an elementary school experience during directed teaching. A minimum 2.7 GPA (B-) must be earned in all teaching majors. Courses taken on a credit/no credit basis may not be counted toward fulfillment of requirements for the art major or minor.​ 
Completion of this degree will qualify a student for recommendation to the Michigan State Board of Education for a Secondary Provisional Certificate, which will permit the holder to teach the major and minor in the secondary grades.

Visual Arts Education (ART) will qualify for recommendation for a Secondary Provisional Certificate, permitting the holder to teach the major in grades K-12, and no minor is required.
Note: HDF 100 also satisfies University Program Requirements.

​​HDF 100​Lifespan Development 3(3-0)
Note: EDU 458 is required for 10 credit hours on this degree.
Read carefully the section on Standards Leading to Teacher Certification for additional requirements.

​​EDU 107​Introduction to Teaching 3(3-1)
​EDU 290​Technology in Education 3(1-4)
​EDU 310​Psychological Foundations of Education
​EDU 325​Middle Level and High School Teaching Methods 3(3-0)
​EDU 432​Student Teaching Seminar 3(3-0)
​EDU 450​Content Area Literacy 3(3-0)
​EDU 458​Student Teaching 10(Spec)
​EDU 495​Foundations of Education 3(3-0)
​SPE 504​​Teaching Students in Inclusive Settings 3(3-0)
​ART 106​Introduction to Drawing 3(0-6)
​ART 119​Design Foundations 3(0-6)
​ART 283​​Introduction to Western Art, Part I 3(3-0)
​ART 285​Introduction to Western Art, Part II 3(3-0)
​ART 287​Introduction to Non-Western Art 3(3-0)
​ART 343​Art in the Elementary School Grades K-4 3(3-0)
​ART 344​Art in the Middle School Grades 5-8 3(3-0)
​ART 346​Secondary School Art and Mid-Tier Observation 3(2-2)
​ART 446​Visual Arts and Aesthetic Education 3(3-0)
Select from the following: 
​​ART 175Fiber Structures and Weaving 3(0-6)
​ART 214Intro to Ceramics 3(2-3)​​
​ART 217​Introduction ​to Figure Drawing 3(0-6)
​ART 231​Introduction to Graphic Design 3(0-6)
​ART 233​Introduction to Painting 3(0-6)
​ART 241​Introduction to Photography 3(0-6)
​ART 251​Introduction to Printmaking 3(0-6)
​ART 261​Introduction to Sculpture 3(0-6)
​Six hours selected in consultation with the advisor. Course must be 300 level or above.​

Degree Outlook

JobMedian PayJob Growth through ​2022​
​Elementary/kindergarten teacher​$53,090​12% (118,400 more jobs)
High school teacher$55,050 per year6% (52,900 more jobs)​

*Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sample data ​