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2006 Organizational Communications grad

​College Football and Recruiting reporter for ESPN

Tom VanHaaren is a 2006 Organizational Communication graduate of Central Michigan University. He also holds a minor in Business Administration. 

After beginning his post-college career in advertising, he took on a job as College Football Recruiting Analyst for MGoBlog.com. He built his journalism portfolio and advanced to College Football and Recruiting reporter for ESPN. As a writer, he works out of his home in Oxford, MI, but travels extensively across the country during the college football play and recruiting seasons.

Tom’s work is published for ESPN’s web, radio, and television outlets. He also published his first book in September of 2018, called “The Road to Ann Arbor: Incredible Twists and Improbable Turns along the Michigan Recruiting Trail”. In this book, Tom takes fans back to the start and behind the scenes of the college recruiting process, showing the complex and winding path athletes sometimes have to take to get to The Big House.

He explained in an article with Michigan Daily that “It was important to me to not just write this book from the player’s side of view…because in recruiting, there’s two sides of things.” This is an idea that can be carried through any journalist’s career.

He credits his career success to his involvement with the Communications Department and other experiences at CMU.