​The BCA program and co-curricular organization, Moore Media Digital Design (M2D2), have established a Facebook-esque wiki for alumni use. It is a social and professional networking tool strictly for BCA Alumni.

Alumni Database​

As you know, CMU has one of the Midwest's most comprehensive and well-respected broadcast & cinematic arts programs. Each year, hundreds of students begin thinking about their career path in media and communications. Most would love to have a seasoned professional, like us, to help them along the way.

The BCA Alumni Advisory Board has been actively seeking BCA graduates who are willing to assist current students and recent graduates. It could be reviewing a demo reel, providing feedback on a resume, providing networking opportunities, job shadowing or simply sharing words of wisdom.

We promise – you only need to give as much time as you can. A member of the Board can help connect you with students and graduates via email, phone, Skype or an in-person meeting. If you're interested in adding your name to our database, we'd be glad to have you.

The members of the Alumni Advisory Board appreciate your assistance in helping to mentor a Central Michigan University student.