All four of our areas of concentration are designed with three goals in mind:

  1. To provide students with an advanced educational experience that will prepare them to work and/or teach in a college setting
  2. To provide students with the necessary education and experience to move on to a terminal degree program (such as a Ph.D or M.F.A.)
  3. To strengthen students' practical skills to prepare them for careers in the media industry.

All four concentrations require research-related coursework, including an introductory course on research writing (BCA 600), Mass Media Theory (BCA 601) and two courses on

Mass Media Research Methods (BCA 603 and BCA 604).  All students must also complete a Plan B or Thesis paper that demonstrates their mastery of the concepts they've been presented with over the course of their study. Other requirements vary depending on the concentration. 


​Refer to the Graduate Bulletin Click Here for specific course requirements for each of the four areas of concentration.  ​