All students pursuing an M.A. in Broadcast & Cinematic Arts must complete either a Plan B or Thesis to graduate from the program.  Guidelines for the thesis (BCA 798) are available here.

Plan B Proposals:

  •  A formal proposal must be submitted to and approved by the student's two-person          committee before a student can enroll in BCA 730 for credit.
  •   All Plan B proposals must also be approved by the BCA Graduate Director after receiving approval from committee.​

Plan B Committee Membership (All Concentrations):

  1. Every Plan B committee is comprised of two members, with one member serving as Chair. The chair of the committee must be a full‐time faculty or staff member within the School of BCA. At least one member of the committee should be regular faculty, or hold a terminal degree. The secondary member may be from outside the School of BCA, but must hold graduate faculty standing.

Click here to view the Plan B standards and requirements for all BCA graduate students, regardless of concentration.

Previous Research - Thesis

*these are only a sampling of the theses that have been done* ​

(2013) "Seeking an Alternate Understanding of the Films Labeled as Mumblecore"              

By: Scott German

(2011) "The Mafia Dolls"                                                                                                                          A ​Feminist Reading of the Narco-Novela                                                                                       

​By: Marly A. Meza

(2010) "Of Capitalists and Cannibals"                                                                                                     A Biopoetical Approach to Mary Harron and Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho        ​          

By: Nicholas P. Cavallo

(2010) "Monomyth of the Dead"                                                                                                           ​A Campbellian Analysis of Zombie Horror Film                                                                            

By: Michael Marra

(2009) "The Journey of Michael Corleone"                                                                                           ​An Analysis of The Godfather Trilogy                                                                                              

By: Edmund Brown

(2007) "They're All Going To Laugh At You"
A Case Study Of Three Stephen King Stories: Carrie, The Shining and The Dead Zone

​By: Natalie S. Davis

(2005) "Shaken Not Stirred"
A Cultural Approach To The James Bond Phenomenon

By: Laura M. Willard

(2000) "Digital Television Diffusion"
An Analysis Of The Past To Predict The Future

By: Eric J. Palm

(1984) "Marketing College Radio"

By: John R. Henley

(1980) "A Study Of Hispanic Television Programming In Selected Markets"

​By: William R. Sykes Jr.

Previous Research - Plan B

*these are only a sampling of the Plan B's that have been done*

(2013) "Examining Mobile Phone Subscriber's Willingness to Pay Emergency Alerts"           

By: Michael McArthur

(2013) "The Impact of Unconsciously Processed Television Advertisements"                          

By: Kelly Armbruster

(2013) "American College Students' Viewing and Appreciation of Chinese Films"                  

By: Zin Li

(2012) "Social Media Use and Travel Information Search Behavior"                                          

​By: Yu Zhang

(2012) "Radio Programming Strategies: Do They Still Attract Young Adults?"                         

By: David J. Benton

(2012) "Massive Perceptual Gaps: The Third-Person and First-Person Effect in Massively Multiplayer Online Games"                          ​      ​                                                                               

By: Robert Vaughn

(2009) "The Recording Industry and Copyright Law: A Survey of College Students' Use and Awareness"                        ​                                                                                                                  

By: Eileen LeTarte

(2007) "Recording Artists, Record Labels And The Forces In Between"
The New Game Of Music Marketing

​By: Phil Sherby

(2007) "Media Inflow In Small Island States"
The Case of St. Lucia

By: Maria Albert

(2001) "Demons To Some, Angels To Others"
The Leviathanic Mythos Of Clive Barker's Hellraiser - A Mythic Analysis

By: Jeffrey S. Smith

(2000) "The Internet And Its Projected Impact On The National Football League"

By: Eric Coleman

(1998) "A Structural Analysis Of Contact
From The Feminist Perspective

By: Mary Acker