MHTV entered the eighties wielding the equipment that got the station through the latter part of the 1970s. The JVC cameras were still around, and tended to had tubes that tended to burn. The ¾ inch tape machines had no time-base correction to the switcher which caused a glitch every time it was switched from camera to tape. Gone were the handmade graphics as the program acquired a Quanta character generator.

At the beginning of the decade, the remote bread truck from the seventies died and was replaced with a used school bus. The bus did not fair much better as it died in 1982 and MHTV Sports had to rely on a rented truck from a Detroit cable company and WCMU's new bus for the remotes.

MHTV Sports became bigger and better. They expanded their coverage to all home football games and even some away games. In 1984, MHTV Sports was contacted by Pro-Am Sports, PASS, to provide a crew for its broadcasts of the CMU football games. The director of PASS was so impressed that he asked MHTV to help with other productions such as Michigan State Basketball and Wrestling. Sports continued throughout most of the decade airing CMU football and basketball to the Mt. Pleasant population.

Student programming included the following:

1980 Election Coverage. The remote crew produced special election night coverage of the 1980 race, with heavy emphasis on the election results.

Cable This Week. A weekly show covering the world of Cable television that aired in 1984 and 1985.

CMU Football Review. A coaches' show with analysis and review of the 1987-1989 seasons.

File. A newsmagazine that aired in 1986.

Live at Five. A news magazine, interview and issue show that went on right before News Central. Live at Five aired in the 1984-1985 timeframe.

Powertrax. A music video show that aired in 1986 and 1987.

Simulcasts. An hour long variety music show that was simulcast in stereo on WMHW. It was a music based show with a few comedy sketches with a live studio audience. Simulcasts aired from 1980-1982.

Sportsfile. A short lived sports talk program.

Sunrise. An hour long live morning talk show complete with a team of hosts, sports, weather, and feature inserts that were taped and produced by correspondents. It aired in 1985.

Throwdown. A dance show in the vein of Solid Gold. Taped in the Kiva on Friday or Saturday nights, Throwdown took the campus by storm from 1985-1988.


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