Alliance for Women in Media is a professional organization of women and men who work in the media and allied fields. With nearly 10,000 community members, the Alliance for Women in Media is proud to represent men and women engaged in all aspects of creating high- quality media and related services. Here on the campus of Central Michigan University, AWM-CMU chapter works to promote diversity and strengthen the influence of women in media.
          AWM members are made up of diverse and unique individuals interested in Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts, Communication, Integrative Public Relations, Journalism, Marketing, and Advertising Majors. 
          This year AWM's executive board consists of a fresh and enthusiastic group of women who are thrilled about our upcoming events and the possibilities the year holds. 
          Based on our organization's interest in multimedia careers, this year we are planning media outlet tours, LinkedIn seminars, guest speakers, resume workshops, interview preparation, and networking opportunities with AWM alumni from across the nation.
          With our AWM alumni making an impact across the country in media, our mission this year is to connect our current members to those opportunities that await them after graduation. By giving our members the opportunity to network with our alumni and engage in conversation, we, as an organization, are confident this year will be the best year ever for Alliance of Women in Media.
           We're also excited about some creative fundraisers and social get-togethers in the works!
           As we head into our 9th year on CMU's campus, AWM is striving to continue to promote diversity and harness the promise, passion, and power of women in all forms of media. Whether that is to empower career development, engage in thought leadership, or drive positive change for our industry and societal progress, AWM is motivated to improve the quality of media.



Follow AWM at CMU on Twitter for upcoming events and meeting times: @AWMatCMU​

Learn more about AWM and our mission at allwomeninmedia.org​