​Join us for the sixth annual MUG Conference on Friday, February 22, 2019! 

The sixth annual MUG Communication Conference is set for the afternoon of Friday, February 22, 2019 in Central Michigan University's Moore Hall.  Graduate and undergraduate scholars from across the region will present papers on a host of compelling topics for awards and feedback.  We invite you to join us for lively conversation, and networking with others who share similar research interests. 

This conference is a wonderful opportunity for students to prepare their scholarly work for professional presentation.  Awards will be given to the top student papers.  There is no submission fee for this conference and we encourage all to attend.

2019 MUG Conference Agenda:

1:00 PM Registration in front of Moore Hall Room 105

2:00pm: Panel One - Moore 105

1.  World of 'Fake News:' Effects of a Two-Word Phrase

DeJanay Booth, Wayne State University


2.  Breaking Down Negative Images Painted for Black Women in Reality Television

Tirrea Billings, Western Michigan University


3.  Defining and Expanding the Communication Theory of Identity

Stacie Keipinger, Central Michigan University


4.  It's All about Me: Millennials, Narcissism, and Social Networking Sites

Ashley Teffer, Wayne State University


3:00pm: Panel Two - Moore 105

1.   Bullying in Schools: Causes, Prevention, and Programs

Angela Patton, Wayne State University


2.  Applying Uses and Gratifications Theory to Sibling Relationships: A Prescriptive Approach to Close Sibling Relationships 

Sarah Cline, Saginaw Valley State University


3.  Applying Communication Privacy Management Theory: Families Who Disclose Sexual Abuse With Other Family Members

Rachel Masch, Central Michigan University


4:00pm: Panel Three - Moore 105

1.  Struggling to Identify: A Rhetorical Analysis of Rust

Micah Huff, Eastern Michigan University


2.  An Analysis of StopBullying.Gov's Dialogic Communication and Interactivity with Their Audiences Through Their Website and Facebook Page

Rhea Juridico, Wayne State University


3.  Nike 2018: Examining Nike's 'Just Do It' campaign

DeJanay Booth, Wayne State University


4.  Rhetorical Analysis of the Dissenting Opinion in the Case of Gonzales v Carhart

Iruoma Ezumba, Central Michigan University

All activities will take place in Moore Hall on the CMU Campus, which is labeled #31 on this map.  Please park in lot 33N or 33S, except in metered spaces or those marked reserved or handicapped.  For GPS mapping, you can use the following GPS Coordinates: Latitude 43.58672 and Longitude -84.77306.   You can also set your GPS for Bush Theatre in Mount Pleasant, Mi, as the building is attached to Moore Hall.

If you have any questions, please contact Joe Packer, PhD, at packe1j@cmich.edu (please title the email “MUG Communication Conference”).  

Joe Packer
MUG Conference Coordinator and Associate Professor
Communication and Dramatic Arts Department
Central Michigan University
319 Moore Hall
Mount Pleasant, MI  48859
Phone (989) 774-4460


Please direct questions to:
Dr. Joe Packer
Phone: (989) 774-4460