Central Michigan University's Department of Communication and Dramatic Arts offers the dance minor. As you explore career opportunities that include dance, consider these key features that distinguish CMU's program:

  • One of the most comprehensive dance minors offered at a
    Michigan university.
  • Instruction by faculty with years of professional performance experience.
  • Outstanding studio and production facilities.
  • Performance opportunities with University Theatre Dance Company and other groups.

The dance minor is one of several coordinated programs in the performing arts disciplines. The university also offers majors in theatre and interpretation and in music theatre - an interdisciplinary pre-professional program combining course work in music, theatre and dance.

Dance faculty members and guest artists instruct students in a variety of dance styles. Your dance curriculum may include courses in modern, tap, jazz and ballet dance techniques, choreography, dance history, folk and square dance, social dance, and concert production. You will focus on the technical and performance aspects of dance.

​Dance Minor
B.A.; B.S. degrees

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards
  Students electing a dance minor must consult an advisor prior to beginning their program. 

Core Courses I (12 hours)

  • DAN 175 - Dance Appreciation 3(3-0) 
  • DAN 232 - Dance Composition I 2(2-0) 
  • DAN 305 - Studio: Dance Performance 1-4(Spec) 
  • DAN 430 - Dance Production 3(2-2) 
  • DAN 530 - History of Dance 3(3-0) 

Core Courses II (1 hour) 

Select one TAI studio course in one of the following areas of technical theatre for a faculty-supervised theatre production or for a faculty supervised dance concert. 

  • TAI 309 - Studio: Stage Management 1-4(Spec) 
  • TAI 310 - Studio: Sound 1-4(Spec) 
  • TAI 311 - Studio: Properties 1-4(Spec) 
  • TAI 312 - Studio: Scenery Construction and Rigging 1-4(Spec) 
  • TAI 313 - Studio: Scenery Design 1-4(Spec) 
  • TAI 314 - Studio: Lighting 1-4(Spec) 
  • TAI 315 - Studio: Lighting Design 1-4(Spec) 
  • TAI 316 - Studio: Technical Direction 1-4(Spec) 
  • TAI 317 - Studio: Costuming 1-4(Spec) 
  • TAI 318 - Studio: Wardrobe Management 1-4(Spec) 
  • TAI 319 - Studio: Makeup 1-4(Spec) 

Electives I (8 hours) 

Choose any 8 hours in the following technique classes: 

  • DAN 133 - Modern I 2(1-2) 
  • DAN 136 - Ballet Technique I 2(Spec) 
  • DAN 233 - Dance Technique II 2(1-2) 
  • DAN 236 - Ballet II 2(Spec) 
  • DAN 333 - Modern Dance III 2-4(1-2) 
  • Electives II (4 hours) 
  • Choose 4 hours from the following: 
  • DAN 137 - Tap I 2(1-2) 
  • DAN 138 - Jazz I 2(Spec) 
  • DAN 578 - Special Topics In Dance 1-9(Spec) 

Total: 25 semester hours

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Please visit our department office at Moore 333 or call 989-774-3177. Students ​who are new to CMU may also wish to communicate with the Undergraduate Admissions Office at (989) 774-3076, or by e-mail at cmuadmit@cmich.edu, for general questions, visit arrangements and enrollment information. 

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