The courses listed below are based on the 2017 - 2018 bulletin.   For the most recent information and additional details, please visit our bulletin web page​

DAN 104 Latin Dance I 1(1-0) 
Introduction to the social dances of Central and South America and other Latin cultures. Emphasis on basic steps; rhythmical patterning and development of style. 

DAN 105 Social Dance I 1(Spec)
Introduction to social dance forms and styles.

DAN 106 Country Line Dance 1(Spec)
Introduction to the basic elements and skills used in the performance of country line dance.

DAN 107 Swing Dance 1(Spec)
Introduction to the basic steps and styles of swing dance.

DAN 125 Introduction to Alexander Technique 2(1-1)
This class is a body awareness and movement class based on the Alexander Technique.

DAN 126 Hip Hop 2(1-2)
Introduction to hip hop forms and styles.

DAN 127 Ballroom Dance 1(1-0)
An introduction to the various techniques and styles of ballroom dance.

DAN 133 Modern I 2(1-2)
An introduction to and beginning instruction in the various techniques and styles of modern dance.

DAN 136 Ballet Technique I 2(Spec)
To familiarize the beginning student with the basics of ballet.

DAN 137 Tap I 2(1-2)
An introductory dance course of basic tap instruction.

DAN 138 Jazz I 2(Spec)
An introductory course in jazz dance that builds from traditional jazz into the contemporary.

DAN 175 Dance Appreciation 3(3-0)
An introduction to dance designed to develop an aesthetic awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the art of dance.

DAN 230 Movement-Rhythmic Form and Structure 3(3-0)
An in-depth study of the dynamic functions of movement and dance.

DAN 231 Fundamental Movement 2(2-0)
An introduction to the basic analysis of locomotor and non-locomotor movement. Emphasis on skills, posture, and physical development of the individual.

DAN 232 Dance Composition I 2(2-0)
Introduction to the basic elements of dance choreography through the use of creative problem solving. Prerequisite: DAN 133. DAN 233 Dance Technique II 2(1-2) Intermediate technique. Prerequisite: DAN 133.

DAN 236 Ballet II 2(Spec)
To afford students the opportunity to use skills learned in Ballet I to progress to a higher level of proficiency in ballet movement. Recommended: Ballet I.

DAN 237 Tap II 2(1-2)
Continuation of DAN 137, Tap I, leading to the development of intermediate tap techniques. Prerequisites: DAN 137.

DAN 305 Studio: Dance Performance 1-4(Spec)
Major participation in faculty/staff-supervised university theatre activity in the areas of dance performance or choreography. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

DAN 332 Dance Composition II 3(3-0)
Continuation of DAN 232 with the inclusion of historical approaches to dance choreography. Prerequisite: DAN 232.

DAN 333 Modern Dance III 2-4(1-2)
Advanced modern dance technique. Only offered for 2 credits per semester; may be repeated up to 4 hours. Prerequisite: DAN 233 with a grade of B or better.

DAN 334 Teaching of Folk, Square, and Social Dance 3(3-0)
Skills, techniques, and materials for teaching.

DAN 337 Tap III 1(Spec)
Development of intermediate to advanced tap techniques in various combinations with jazz styling. Prerequisites: DAN 237; intermediate techniques.

DAN 340 Dance Repertory Theatre and Tour Company 2-8(Spec)
Study of choreography created by members of the dance faculty and guest artists, leading to public performance. Prerequisite: Audition.

DAN 430 Dance Production 3(2-2)
Basic techniques of lighting, costuming, make-up, programming, and general design of a dance concert. Class, projects, guest speakers, and field trips.

DAN 435 Methods of Creative Movement 2(Spec)
Techniques and procedures for teaching rhythm and dance activities for the physical education and dance teacher in grades K-12.

DAN 480 Dance Practicum 1-3(Spec)
Curriculum planning and teaching of K-12, college, or adults in a laboratory setting. CR/NC only. Prerequisites: permission of instructor; senior standing.

DAN 494 Field Study in Dance 1-3(Spec)
An approved investigation, survey, study, or description observation in some area of dance performed off-campus. Prerequisites: permission of instructor; junior standing.

DAN 530 History of Dance 3(3-0)
Dance history from its primitive beginning to the present. Relationships of dance forms to the societies in which they developed.

DAN 578 Special Topics In Dance 1-9(Spec)
Current topics in dance for each semester listed in Course Search and Registration. This course may be repeated for up to 9 credit hours. Prerequisite: Two undergraduate courses in Dance with a C or better. 

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