‚ÄčAll students are required to take IPR 101 before signing the major. Since IPR is an interdisciplinary major, it is imperative that students work closely with an advisor. Meeting prerequisites and being prepared for your internship experience can only be achieved through careful planning; therefore, your advisor becomes an essential part of your program. There are two ways to obtain an advisor:

  1. If you sign your major when you are enrolled in IPR 101, you will automatically be assigned to an advisor; or
  2. You can call the College of the Arts & Media at 774-1885 and be assigned to an advisor.

It is important to note that IPR advisors only advise the major. Questions about the university program, competency, and degree requirements should be directed to CAM academic advisors (for appointments please call 774-7506.) Questions about a minor should be directed to the respective department. If you choose to sign a minor in BCA, COM or JRN, working with the IPR advisor listed below from that department is an option.

IPR Advisors

Dr. Will Anderson, Broadcast and Cinematic Arts
Moore Hall 308
Phone: 774-1546
E-mail: ander1ww@cmich.edu

Dr. Diane S. Krider, Communication
Moore Hall 354
Phone: 774-7794
Email: kride1ds@cmich.edu

Dr. Richard Ren, Journalism
Moore Hall 421
Phone: 774-1339
Email: ren1c@cmich.edu