The Integrative Public Relations major requires all students to participate in a public relations internship experience (IPR 555). Students are required to have six hours of internship credit in the major. Before enrolling in IPR 555, students must follow the guidelines outlined in the Integrative Public Relations Internship Checklist.

To be eligible for the Internship Program, a student must:

  • Be a signed major;
  • Have junior/senior standing and the completion of 56 credit hours;
  • Have all IPR required courses completed except 500 level;
  • Have a C or higher in all classes in the program, including electives taken thus far and a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the major; and
  • Have approval of the Internship Coordinator.

NOTE: Each credit hour equals 50 work hours.

The Internship Coordinator will attempt to assist the student in identifying organizations that may have internship opportunities. Financial compensation depends solely on the supervising organization. Students meeting the course prerequisites can pursue these leads or develop leads on their own. With the approval of the Internship Coordinator, they can fill out the necessary forms and begin the process. It is imperative that students meet with the internship director for the final approval and that the site supervisor agrees to the terms and conditions of sponsoring an intern.

The following forms are required to complete this process and must be typed and filled out in their entirety:

  1. Integrative Public Relations Application for Internship
  2. IPR Field Supervisor Internship Information
  3. CMU Internship Agreement
  4. IPR Internship Coordinator Approval

At the conclusion of the internship, the field supervisor will be required to submit the IPR Field Supervisor Evaluation form

For common IPR internship questions and answers, please see IPR Internship FAQs.

For more information contact: Dr. Diane Krider, Internship Coordinator, at 774-7794 or email at