Moore Hall

The department maintains a reading/conference room in Moore 455. The room contains a small collection of journalism-related books as well as current and back issues of trade and scholarly publications. The room is not regularly staffed, operating instead on an honor system.

The department has exclusive use of Moore 424, the new state-of-the-art Caponigro Multimedia Lab and has scheduling priority in Moore 108, a general classroom with accommodation for 65 students. The university centrally assigns the use of all other classrooms. The department shares space with the art department in Moore labs, Wightman labs and studios. 

Although not a formal part of the department, student publications are an important part of students' journalism experience. Down the hall from the main journalism office, CM Life maintains up-to-date facilities.

One of the major features of the department's space in Moore Hall is its student media/resource room in Moore 444. This room serves students with computers, a TV and reading materials. It is an ideal venue for students to catch up on homework, peruse the media or relax. The room also serves as the headquarters for Grand Central, the online e-zine that journalism students produce.‚Äč