students.jpgCMU’s accredited journalism program has four majors from which you may choose:

  • Journalism

  • Photojournalism

  • Advertising

  • Public Relations

All journalism majors and concentrations are taught information gathering, interviewing and editing techniques while they develop skills writing for a variety of media including newspapers, magazines and online publications. Students also are educated in basic photography, media law and ethics.

Journalism Major

As a reporter or editor, you will gather information responsibly, write and edit with accuracy and communicate messages that will hold your readers' attention. Y​ou will be equipped with a combination of skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the generation, design and editing of reports, features and other stories in new and converged media/online journalism environments.

Photojournalism Major

By combining photography and journalism skills, you will use visual skills and photographic equipment to help your audience reach a better understanding of the world around them.

Advertising Major

In this major, you will learn to use mass media to communicate messages about ideas, products, services and people in order to attract customers. Your job in advertising may vary from creating messages to determining appropriate mass communication vehicles to managing the whole communication process. The department also offers an interdisciplinary advertising minor.

Public Relations

In a public relations career, you will analyze and research public opinion, implement communication programs and help management communicate with its target audiences. You may work in a firm offering services to many clients or in institutions such as hospitals, corporations, government agencies, foundations and school systems.

Co-curricular Activities

Successful journalism students are involved in numerous co-curricular activities. The following programs provide journalism majors and minors with opportunities to develop skills, network and gain real world experience: