​​​​​​​​Students in the journalism department are encouraged to participate in campus affiliate chapters of national professional media organizations such as the Society of Professional Journalists, the Public Relations Student Society of America, the American Advertising Federation, the Central Press Photographers Association, and more.

The following are the contacts for Fall 2015 for the student chapters at CMU:

Society of Professional Journalists:

For more information contact:

President: Arielle Hines ​​hines1as@cmich.edu

Vice President: Mitchell Kukulk​​​a​ ​​kukul1m@cmich.edu

Secretary: Charnae Sanders sande3cm@cmich.edu

Treasurer: Kelly Rocheleauroche1kc@cmich.edu

Programming Chair: Emily DeRuiter derui1ej@cmich.edu

Recruitment​ Chair: Nicholas Green green1np@cmich.edu

​Fundraising: Kevin Andrews ​andre3kj@cmich.edu

Public Relations: James McKinnie​ mckin2ja@cmich.edu​​

Adviser: Ed Simpson simpse1e@cmich.edu ​

American Advertising Federation:

For more information, contact:

Johnny Sparks, (989) 774-1340 or spark3j@cmich.edu

Central Press Photographers Association:

If you are photographer and need help getting your foot in the door, let the CPPA help. You will be affiliated with the Michigan Press Photographers Association and the National Press Photographers Association. You will meet once a month and will submit photos to be entered in competitions.

For more information contact:

President: Emily Mesner mesne1ej@cmich.edu

Vice President: Claire Abendroth abend1ca@cmich.edu​

Secretary: Rachel Harrison harri1rm@cmich.edu​

Treasurer: Kaytie Boomer boome1kf@cmich.edu​

Recruitment Chair: Katy Kildee​ kilde1kp@cmich.edu

Contest Chair: Shannon Millard​ milla1sl@cmich.edu​

Social Media Chair: Alexandria Rykse​​ woolw1ab@cmich.edu​


​Public Relations Student Society of America:

For more information contact:

​President: Elisa Pelletier​ pelle1ec@cmich.edu​

Vice President: Alex Haymaker hayma1ag@cmich.edu

Director of Professional Development: Bre Moore​ moore1bn@cmich.edu​​

Director of Internal Communications: Halle Sobzcak sobcz1hm@cmich.edu

Director of Finance: Drew Thomasson​ thoma3da@cmich.edu​

​Director of Member Services: Dana Blankenship 


Director of Social Media: Madison Hutton hutto1mm@cmich.edu​

Director of Recruitment: Lucy Ciaramitaro​ ciara1ll@cmich.edu

Director of Leadership: Kimberly Sampson samps1km@cmich.edu​

PR Central:

For more information contact: prcentral@gmail.com

​CEO: Rachel Quinn quinn2rr@cmich.edu

Vice President of Operations: Jared Martella marte2jp@cmich.edu

Director of Digital Communication: Rachel Felice felic1rr@cmich.edu

Director of Operations: Alex Haymaker hayma1ag@cmich.edu​

​Director of Finance: Amy Vos vos2am@cmich.edu​

Director of Recruitment: Bri Ramal lamar2b@​cmich.edu

Director of Internal Communications: Kayla Collins colli1kr@cmich.edu


Grand Central Magazine:


Editor-in-Chief: Kelsey Smith kelsey.smith@gcmag.org

Managing Editor: Megan Zaleski megan.zaleski@gcmag.org

Photo/Multimedia Editor: Rich Drummond rich.drummond@gcmag.org

Photo/Multimedia Editor: Anne Langan anne.langan@gcmag.org

Campus Life Editor: Lexi Carter lexi.carter@gcmag.org

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Tessa Harvey tessa.harvey@gcmag.org

Style Editor: Colleen Dluzynski​ colleen.dluzynski@gcmag.org

Sports Editor: Austin Denean austin.denean@gcmag.org

Food & Beverage Editor: Adriana Cotero adriana.cotero@gcmag.org

Public Relations:​ Alex Haymaker alexandria.haymaker@gcmag.org

Public Relations:​ Taylor McCollom taylor.mccollom@gcmag.org​

Adviser: Steve Coon steve.coon@gcmag.org