ryanzuke.jpgOnline Journalism major Ryan Zuke believes an internship is crucial for students to learn how publications are run in the professional world.
“Internships give you the opportunity to get out of the classroom and actually utilize what you learned in a professional setting,” he said.
Zuke, a Rochester, Mich., senior, spent the summer working for Michigan Hockey magazine. He said he read the magazine when he was younger, and contacted the editor about an internship.
“Well, I have always aspired to be a sports journalist, and working for a hockey magazine, I was able to cover the sport I love the most,” he said. “I met and interviewed many prominent people in the sport, and I also gained valuable contacts for the future.”
Zuke started his days writing a daily blog, and then he would get story assignments throughout the day. He said most of his interviewing was done over the phone, but sometimes he had to cover events outside the office. 
“I think the most valuable thing I took away is that it’s always important to be professional,” he said. “How you conduct yourself in the workplace is extremely important, and people are always watching you.  If you have a great attitude and always put forth your best effort, then people in powerful positions will notice that and it will open up many more opportunities in the future.”
Zuke believes his education in the journalism department prepared him well for his internship. He said he had background knowledge in all of the crucial subjects he needed to do his job.
“You can do marvelous work in the classroom, but it is in professional settings where you do most of your learning,” he said.