Recognition of a Proud History and Tireless Efforts

Started in 1959 by Dr. Gilbert Maienknecht, CMU's Journalism Department has nurtured and prepared more than 2,000 students to uphold the highest standards in professions that shape how the world is viewed. The CMU Journalism Hall of Fame was created by the Journalism Alumni Board, the department's faculty, Sue Ann Martin, dean of the College of Communication and Fine Arts, and CMU president Michael Rao to honor the tireless efforts of alumni and faculty. Inclusion in the hall is open to those alumni and faculty who have made a difference in the world, who have remained true to the ethics and expectations modeled at CMU and who have shown outstanding dedication to the communities they serve.

CMU: A Pre-Eminent Training Ground for Journalists

Journalism alumni agree that Central Michigan University is the state’s pre-eminent school for those pursuing a career in newspapers, magazines, public relations, advertising, photography and countless related fields. CMU grads can be found at virtually every newspaper across Michigan, as well as at numerous media outlets across the country. They are found in public relations and advertising agencies nationwide and in the marketing and communication departments of the world’s largest corporations.