Admission to the BFA Music Theatre program is competitive and requires an audition.  Due to the pandemic, we are currently revising our Fall 2021 Audition plan.  An audition application form and updated details will be available soon.  Notices will appear on our social media channel, so please follow us @cmutheatre on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.  The details below are from last year's auditions but were left to provide you with some context.

The Audition

The total audition time is 4 minutes for the acting/singing portion of the audition.  You will be stopped at 4 minutes.  Songs and monologues must be memorized. The order of the performance is determined by you. 


State your name, the titles of the songs and the musicals from which they are from, and the titles of the plays that the monologues are from at the beginning of the audition. Do not explain the plot or the setting.  This is not timed.  The timing of the audition begins with the first action after the introduction.


  • Present two contrasting monologues that are no longer than two (2) minutes total. A straight-backed chair will be available.  Props or costumes are not permitted.
  • Select age-appropriate monologues from plays in which you might be cast. Do not use dialects. The monologues should highlight your talents. 


Sing (approx. 32 bars) from each of the following:

  1. A ballad from a musical or a folk ballad 
  2. An up-tempo song from a musical 
  • A professional pianist will be provided for the audition. The accompaniment may be taped, however, due to the likelihood of technical problems (mis-cueing, poor playback, etc.) we strongly recommend that you plan to perform with a live accompaniment. For more details, look in the Frequently Asked Questions page. 
  • You must bring a photocopy of the sheet music in a binder with the songs you are performing, even if you are using a taped accompaniment.  The songs in the binder should be in the order in which they will be performed.  Mark where the music begins and ends for each song.


  • A theory placement exam will be given on the day of the auditions to evaluate your ability to read music.  This is not a pass/fail exam.  The exam will be used to determine which level of music theory should be taken in your first semester.


  • The Dance Audition will begin after all the acting/singing portion of the audition is completed.
  • The Dance audition will be done as a group. There will be a warmup and choreography will be taught.  Wear clothing that allows for movement and dance shoes or soft soled shoes for this portion of the audition. Street shoes are not permitted in the dance studio. Tap shoes are not required.

Video Audition

If you live out of state or out of the country a video audition may be submitted.  Please contact Suzanne Noble by email at for instructions for video submission.  The deadline is February 1, 2020.