The first step for students interested in joining our Music Theatre program is to complete and return the audition application form and make arrangements to attend the audition event on the date noted on the form.  Questions not answered below and date conflicts can be addressed by Nancy Eddy.  

The audition event also includes opportunities for you to explore our program and meet our terrific students and faculty.  Once your audition begins, you'll be asked to: 

  • State your name. Be sure to speak clearly and slowly enough for the faculty. Remember, you know your name, but we don't.
  • Introduce all songs and monologues at the start of your audition. Just give us the titles and what shows or musicals the selections are from . You do not have to explain the setting and plot for the selection.
  • Only four (4) minutes are allowed for both song excerpts and monologues. The audition will be timed and you will be stopped at the four-minute mark.
  • The music selections and monologues must be performed from memory.

Here are more specifics about the acting, singing, and dancing requirements.


  • Present two contrasting monologues that are no longer than two (2) minutes total. A straight-backed chair will be available for you, but otherwise do not use props or costumes.
  • Select your monologues from roles in which you might be cast now. Do not use dialects. Be sure to select pieces that allow you to demonstrate your talent in a short amount of time.


Sing (approx. 32 bars) from each of the following:

  1. A ballad from a show or a folk ballad
  2. An up-tempo song from a musical
  • A pianist will be provided for the audition or you may use taped accompaniment. Due to the likelihood of technical problems (mis-cueing, poor playback, etc.) we strongly recommend that you plan to perform with a live accompaniment. For more details, look in the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • You must bring SHEET MUSIC for the pieces you are performing even if you are using a taped accompaniment.
  • A standardized aural perception test (for which no music reading skills are required) will also be administered before the auditions.


Perform dance combinations which WILL BE TAUGHT at the audition time. Wear clothing that allows for movement and dance shoes or soft soled shoes for this portion of the audition. Street shoes are not permitted in the dance studio. Tap shoes are not required.