CMU and the Music Theatre program offer you a variety of opportunities to perform as a singer, dancer, and actor. There are also a number of opportunities to develop your creativity as a director, set and lighting designer, makeup artist, and choreographer.

As a CMU student, you are eligible to audition for most theatrical productions and music ensemble performances. These are listed below.

  • Music Ensembles. More than 25 student music ensembles ranging from choirs to small vocal groups, and numerous instrumental organizations.
  • University Theatre. These faculty-directed and choreographed productions provide extensive performance opportunities.
  • Studio Theatre. Additional performance, directing and design opportunities are available through this series. Studio Theatre emphasizes the creative use of space and interaction between directors and actors.
  • CMU Summer Theatre. A paid company of 10 to 15 students perform three plays in Mount Pleasant and other areas of the state. All company members are involved in all areas of production, including construction, lighting, props, box office management and performance.
  • Interpretation Program. Students develop individual and group performances of literature that was not originally written for the stage: poetry, short stories, novels, journals, personal narratives and essays. Presentations are then made at various times throughout the year and at festivals throughout the country.
  • University Theatre Dance Company. This dance company offers you opportunities for performance and additional training in jazz, ballet, tap, modern dance, ethnic-based skills and individual choreography.