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UPDATE: In coordination with CMU's adjusted class schedule for Fall 2020, we will plan to begin preseason rehearsals on August 13th. There will be no additional pre-camps for Drums or Guard this year. Watch for additional information as it becomes available. 

Arranging for an Audition

Auditions take place in conjunction with early Student Orientation sessions. Once accepted to the University, students will receive an information packet from the Orientation office. Be sure to indicate your desire to audition by checking the options available on the Orientation web site:

Because of the precautions being taken during the COVID-19 health crisis, all auditions will be conducted by video submission. Packets with audition materials and instructions have been prepared for all sections. Demonstration videos are available for most instrument sections and we ask your continued patience as we complete those.

General Audition
Information Packet

Instrument Specific

If you register for classes before you submit your audition and receive the result, enroll in MUS 186M in order to reserve a spot. Adding band after your schedule is already set may prove difficult. 

Who May Audition?

Any CMU student may audition to become a member of the Chippewa Marching Band. All incoming freshmen and transfer students who are not Music Majors may schedule an audition in the spring. Questions concerning non-major auditions can be directed to the main office at 989-774-3281.

Preparing for the Audition

Students will be asked to demonstrate the best of their training. The emphasis in these auditions is on determining your skill level and your experience. There will be some physical movement in the audition so take time to warm up and dress to be comfortable. 

You may prepare your audition video using your phone, tablet, or any device that will allow you to record and transfer a video via the internet. We ask that you submit your video through YouTube because it's among the easiest and most secure methods available. If you don't already have a YouTube account, you can establish one by following the instructions at YouTube Help.

Submitting Your Audition Video

Once you've completed your audition, email the link to your unlisted YouTube video or playlist to Dr. Batcheller at  Please include your name, home town, and instrument in the body of your email. Audition videos are due no later than June 15 by 11:59 pm for full consideration.

Information for Music Majors

  • Incoming Music Majors who have passed their entrance audition for School of Music faculty may play their primary instrument in the marching band without further audition.
  • All percussion majors must audition for placement in the field battery.
  • All incoming freshmen and transfer students who wish to participate in the color guard must audition.
  • Music majors who wish to play an instrument other than their major instrument must audition to do so.
  • All instrumental music education majors will be accepted to the section that best suits their ability and training needs, as determined by the marching band director.
  • Typically, once a student has been accepted to the marching band, he or she will not be required to audition in subsequent year.