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Wake up Calls

  • Wake-up calls will be made by Rank Captains before morning rehearsals. Students must provide phone numbers at which they can be reached on Game Day. 

Arrival at Rehearsal

  • For most of the season, we will park at the North end of Lot 75 on game days. No pass is required. Proceed CAREFULLY from the lot to the IAC Track Bay – CROSS the RR Tracks at the MARKED crossing. Parking assignments may shift according to demand during the season. Cars parked in designated Handicap spaces without the proper permit WILL BE TICKETED AND TOWED.
  • Be in the Track Bay, available for warm up at the published call time for the day.
  • All Bags and Cases are to be LINED UP NEATLY with NO DOORS BLOCKED.
  • Drum Majors and Rank Captains are to report to the Director at the podium 20 minutes before the scheduled start of rehearsal for instructions.
  • All other members are to be in their positions in the block 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of rehearsal for instructions. Finish any rank/section meetings in order to BE ON TIME.
  • Uniforms, instrument cases, etc. may be stored in the IAC Track Bay prior to report time.
  • Be attentive to announcements during the week regarding specific game day procedures. Some performances require an earlier report time. Full uniform may be required for some games (Homecoming) while partial uniform may be required for others.
  • Dress in layers for morning rehearsals, as the temperature tends to rise over time. The Wind Suit, Rehearsal Tee, and appropriate athletic shoes are REQUIRED for rehearsal and pre-game running band performances, as directed.
  • Raincoats are to be brought to all Game Day rehearsals unless otherwise specified.
  • Plan to remain on site throughout the day.
  • The pre-game meal will be served and eaten in the Balcony of the Track Bay.
  • Water and cups will be provided by the Managers and members of Kappa Kappa Psi. Please assist them as needed. It is every member's responsibility to STAY HYDRATED throughout the day.

Pre-Game Warm Up

  • All students are to be in the warm up set in the Turf Bay in half uniform five minutes before the scheduled call time for initial inspection.
  • Drum Majors and Rank Captains will conduct a full inspection of the entire band during the course of the pre-game warm up. Any student not meeting the requirements of the Uniform Code and equipment procedures may be dismissed for the day. Such occurrences will be recorded as unexcused absences.
  • The warm up is our opportunity to get into Game Mode. When we appear in public we represent the University and every band alumnus. Exemplary behavior and spirit are a required.

On the March and In the Stands

  • All members are expected to actively participate in all cheers and stand tunes. Pay attention to the Drum Majors for cues and be ready to play at any time.
  • Our job is to support our team and our University. We will never participate in cheers or songs that engage our opponents in any way.
  • Stand music is to be brought to the stands in Rank duffels. Caps and winter gloves may be worn in the stands. Sunglasses may be worn when the helmets have been removed.
  • If a member needs to leave the seating area for any reason they must inform a Rank Captain before leaving. Full uniform, including the helmet, is to be worn outside the seating area.
  • Visitors, alumni, and fans are not permitted in the seating area. If a band member wishes to speak to a parent or visitor he or she may meet them BRIEFLY at the end of their row.
  • Water will be provided throughout the game. Apples will be served after halftime. All other food is strongly discouraged unless medically necessary (in which cases it is strongly encouraged). If food is served to students in uniform (parent tailgate) students must take all precautions to prevent spills or stains.
  • An Emergency Action Plan will be implemented when necessary. In most cases where evacuation is called, we will move across the field, through the NW tunnel and Turf Bay, and into the Track Bay. Pay close attention to instructions through the leadership team.

Running Band

  • A select ensemble will perform in various locations around the stadium before the game and during the third quarter. This is a way for people to see us "up close and personal."
  • Running Band selection will be made by Rank Captains during the week before the game.

Post Game

  • All members are encouraged to help clear out the Turf Bay after the game. Rank Captains are required to remain until all section members are gone and the Turf Bay is clean.