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​Faculty Positions

There are no open positions at this time.

Staff Positions

There are no open positions at this time.

Student Employment Opportunities

The School of Music employs students in various areas such as music events, audio production, the Music Resource Center, and other areas.  Some areas accept applications throughout the year, and other areas hire on a seasonal basis. 

Please check with the respective School of Music staff for employment opportunities.

Event Staff
The School of Music is now hiring Work Study eligible students for their Event Staff. The Event Staff exists to support Music Events in areas of ushering, staging, lighting, technical production and stage management. On the Event Staff, you will be part of a team that not only teaches technical skills but also highly values excellence, leadership development and collaboration. The values and skills learned by being part of this team will prepare you well for a wide variety of occupations in the future and our students have gone on to be professionals in many fields including, graduate and doctoral studies, medicine, arts administration, human resources, arts education and business, just to name a few.

Mindy Zeneberg, Office Supervisor