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All B.M. and B.M.E. students are required to register for and complete 7 semesters of MUS 097.

B.A. and B.S. music students are required to register for and complete 4 semesters of MUS 097.

MUS 097 eligible performances for the current semester are listed above.
For a complete list of all School of Music events visit our events page!

Criterion for MUS 097 

  • attendance at 7 School of Music performances per semester
  • of which 2 MUST be Guest Artist performances.
  • In cases where there are multiple performances of the same material
    (i.e. Juletide, Opera), credit will only be given for 1 performance
  • Students may not count concerts in which they participate
  • Students must swipe their student ID card before and after the concert.

Student ID Card Procedure


Credit for concert attendance starts with students swiping their student ID card at the 097 card swipe table in the Tuma lobby, in front of the staircase, prior to each eligible performance. Students MUST swipe in no later than 5 minutes prior to the concert start time. At the conclusion of the concert, students swipe their card again, and this completes the credit process for that concert.

Students will receive concert attendance credit only if they are present for the entire concert and have swiped in and out as described above.


Concert attendance is updated weekly on Blackboard.

Additions or changes to the concert schedule will be sent to the SOM student email listserv. Concert reminders will be sent weekly as well.

Thank you!​​​​