The following is a list of concerts available to students enrolled in MUS 114. Attendance at two of these concerts and the submission of a concert review will fulfill the concert requirement for class. Please read all information in the course syllabus and on blackboard before attending a concert.

Additional Events



  • Deadline for Concert 1 attendance: Tuesday, Oct 29
  • Deadline  for Concert 2 attendance: Tuesday, Nov 26


All concerts are free to students enrolled in MUS 114 Listening Experience unless otherwise indicated on the concert list. In order to receive credit for attending a concert, you will need to bring your completed concert attendance card. Present your completed attendance card to the ushers at the front doors of the concert hall. The ushers will punch your concert card to verify your attendance. You will hold your attendance card throughout the concert and turn it in to the ushers as you exit the concert venue at the end of the concert. Concert cards submitted before the end of the concert or at any other time will not be given credit. Do not fold or otherwise alter the concert attendance card.

All concerts are on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Concert time for Mus 114 students is five minutes prior to the posted concert time. If you arrive after the ushers have left their post in the concert venue lobby, you are too late and will not receive credit for the concert.  It makes no difference if you simply arrive before the concert begins; you must arrive in time to be processed for Mus 114.  The beginning of a concert will not be held in order to process students for Mus 114 credit.

Concert Etiquette

Appropriate, attire is expected at all concerts, and you may be denied entrance to any concert if you are improperly dressed.  Courteous and appropriate behavior is required at all concerts.  Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to talking or whispering after the house lights have dimmed, sleeping, studying, reading, coughing unnecessarily, chewing gum, eating, drinking, tapping, resting your feet on the chair in front of you, standing before the house lights have been raised and the performers have taken their final bow, or any other activity that interferes with the enjoyment of the concert by others in attendance.  Cell phone use is not permitted in the concert hall – your cell phone must be turned off (this does not mean "silent mode") before you enter the concert hall. Applause should be held until the conclusion of an entire work or section of a program.  A good rule of thumb: when in doubt, hold your applause until the majority of the audience begins to applaud and the performers acknowledge the applause. Students leaving a concert before the house lights have come up, or an encore, will not receive credit for the concert.

If any usher or School of Music official finds your behavior during the concert disruptive, he or she will ask you to relinquish your attendance card.  You must surrender your card without further disruption and leave the concert venue immediately.  Your card will be forwarded to the professor, the matter will be investigated, and, if necessary, disciplinary action will be taken.  This will result in a penalty applied to the grade for the respective assignment, but further disciplinary action may be sought if the degree of the offense warrants it.  All ushers and School of Music officials should be treated with the respect that would normally be given to any senior university official.  Failure to do so may also result in disciplinary action and possible dismissal from the course. If you are dismissed from a concert for any reason, it is your responsibility to set up a meeting with the instructor as soon as possible. *If your card is pulled during a concert it will be kept on file and recorded as a "zero" until all matters pertaining to the issue are resolved.


Objectives are to experience a variety of musical events, to develop musical awareness, to sharpen perception, and increase musical discrimination. Not open to music majors. May be offered as Writing Intensive.

Although MUS 114 is worth three credit hours, the class meets only two times per week. The third class meeting has been waived so that students will have the opportunity to attend concerts instead. Attendance at these events and writing reports on them will form an important component of the course grade.

Concert Venue

Concerts are presented in Staples Family Concert Hall unless otherwise indicated. Staples Family Concert Hall is located in the Music Building. 

Concert Time

Concerts begin at 7:30 PM unless otherwise indicated. Check-in for students enrolled in MUS 114 will  be closed 5 minutes prior to scheduled concert time.

Concert Tickets

Concerts are free to students enrolled in MUS 114 unless otherwise indicated ($$).

Student Learning Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to: 
  1. demonstrate an understanding of a variety of musical events, 
  2. apply and define basic musical terminology, 
  3. identify important composers, representative literature, and major stylistic traits in the history of Western art music.