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Planning your student recital doesn't have to be a stressful experience! Make sure to communicate early and often with School of Music staff and your applied professors. 

Recital Information for Spring 2021

  • Recitals will be limited to degree recitals only. (No elective recitals permitted this spring)
  • Modified scheduling will allow for more air change between performances: 
    Available recital times include: 
    • Fridays: 7:00 PM
    • Saturdays: 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 7:00 PM
    • Sundays: 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 7:00 PM          
  • Recitals are limited to 60 minutes or less (including an intermission)
  • Students may enter the space no earlier than 30 minutes prior to their scheduled performance time
  • No live audiences are permitted this fall and no receptions are permitted this fall
  • Students are responsible for live-streaming their recital themselves.

Instrumental Juries

A recital jury will consist of a video of approximately 20 minutes of music from the recital program chosen in consultation with the studio professor. A link to the video will be sent to the jury committee at least three weeks in advance of the recital date.  The jury shall respond with a decision within 3 days.

Student Recital Instructions

Review carefully your ensemble, studio, and class obligations before selecting a recital date, and make sure your assisting musicians and applied teacher have that date free.

PRO TIP: Plan to give your recital earlier in the semester. You'll have more choices in selecting rehearsal and performance dates.

View the available recital dates. Complete the online form linked above (Big Maroon Button) and have your applied professor email Kristin Pagels.

The majority of juries for Fall 2020 will be submitted digitally. Recital Juries should occur around 3 weeks prior to your recital. When scheduling your jury be sure to coordinate the day, time, and location with collaborating musicians.

If you require additional audio/tech support such as PowerPoint, video projection, or fixed media for your jury, email Kristin Pagels as soon as possible.

Jury Form

Students must jury their recital no later than three weeks prior to their recital date. Make to submit your
Recital Jury Form to Kristin Pagels when it is complete. These will also be accepted electronically.

Dress Rehearsals

Recitalists have a maximum of 2 hours of rehearsal for performance preparation. If you require a rehearsal in Chamichian Recital Hall, please request a weekend rehearsal time.

Audio Services

If you would like your recital recorded, submit the Student Recital Recording Request to Mindy Zeneberg with payment in the Music Office.

Your Recital Program

Programs are due at least two weeks prior to your performance date. Please complete your program using this provided template. If you need a different template to display your information, please contact Kristin Pagels directly.

Promoting Your Recital

Begin to promote your recital live-stream via a Facebook event. If you decide to advertise with posters, you may put up posters on bulletin boards 1) at the entrances 2) in classrooms 3) in practice room hallways 4) in student lounges. You may not tape posters to any wall surface in the building.


  • Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water!
  • Remind collaborative pianists, assisting musicians, and professors of your hall rehearsal time(s)
  • Do a final social media push, and remind friends/family of your recital
  • Reminder: Recital Receptions are prohibited for Fall 2020.
  • Distribute your electronic program to your friends/family/teachers and make sure to also share a copy with Kristin Pagels.

Before your recital

Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water!

The Music Building opens at 9:00 am on most weekends, plan ahead if you have an early recital time. You may enter the hall 30 minutes prior to your recital time. Check the grey shelving unit backstage for your recital's programs. Place them on a stand in front of the hall for guests to take.

After your recital

Thank your assisting musicians, event staff, and professors for their support! Return programs to the grey shelving unit backstage, and save an extra program or two for your personal portfolio.

Available Student Recital Dates
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