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We’re excited to present sessions online this year! Whether you’re a current or future Drum Major, Student Leader, Color Guard, or Drum Line student, or just want to contribute to the success of your band, we have a variety of sessions. Join us for one or for all; we’re excited to see you and to help you become the leader you want to be!

Directors are welcome in all student sessions AND we’ve scheduled two opportunities to share ideas and plans, exclusive to teachers.

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Leadership Sessions


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Monday | 10:00

What is leadership, really?
Start to develop your own idea of what being a leader in your ensemble is all about. We’ll discuss how to play off of your strengths and how to be effective in your band. We’ll discuss different values and how to best serve others.

Monday | 2:00

From “I” to “Us”: Creating a Culture of Teamwork
What is the culture of your band? How do seniors interact with freshmen? Do new members feel welcome in your group right away, or do they have to “earn it?” This session will discuss how to utilize your leadership to make your ensemble a place for everyone. We’ll look at how we interact with others, how to build trust, and how to shift from an “I/Me” to a “We/Us” mindset.

Tuesday | 10:00

Developing Perspective and Awareness
What energizes you? What situations do you thrive in? Do other people see you the way you want to be seen? Become more aware of what makes you “tick” as a leader, and learn how to empathize and better reach others in your band. We’ll learn how to view our own actions from the perspective of others, and we’ll talk about the importance of listening- really listening- to others.

Tuesday | 2:00

The Leader as a Teacher
It is one thing to develop marching band skills in yourself- how do we, as leaders, help others to get to that same point? Teaching is it’s own art, and we’ll discuss basic tips and techniques for great teaching. In this session, we’ll learn how to plan a sectional or rehearsal, how to diagnose problems, give positive and helpful feedback, and improve your band as a teacher!
Drum Major Sessions

Drum Major

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Wednesday | 10:00

Conducting Techniques
Learn basic conducting patterns, cues, fermatas, and cutoffs. We’ll also learn how to conduct in different styles, and inspire emotionally powerful performances.

Wednesday | 2:00

Score Preparation
Reading the score for the first time can be a scary thing! In this session, we’ll de-mystify the score and learn how to prepare our music for rehearsals.

Thursday | 10:00

The Greatest Showman
No, not the movie! This session will cover aspects of showmanship for the drum major, including special steps and field entrances, basic mace use, whistle and vocal commands, and the Drum Major salute!

Color Guard

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Wednesday | 12:00 pm

Getting In Shape For Band Camp and Beyond
Originally tailored for color guard, Joan’s approach to movement fundamentals and progressive strength training has become popular for the WHOLE BAND. We’ll look at things you can work on over the summer and throughout the season.

Thursday | 12:00 pm

The Structured Guard Rehearsal
So much to do! Warm-ups, equipment fundamentals, movement technique, AND learning your show? We’ll look at ways to develop a structured, sequential approach to rehearsal planning that fits your guard, your show, and your season.

Drum Line

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Monday | 12:00 pm

A Logical Approach to Part Writing
Whether adapting published parts or writing new material, a few simple steps will allow you to optimize your resources and personnel and achieve effective, musical performances.

Tuesday | 12:00 pm

A Logical Approach to Performance
Best practices in optimizing personnel, tuning and maintaining equipment, and a simple, logical approach to drum line drill CAN be done on a budget!


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Thursday | 2:00 pm

Empowering Your Student Leaders
A discussion of strategies to make the best use of your best resource: Your Students!

Thursday | 4:00 pm

Show Planning Brown Bag
Bring your ideas and experiences, successes and more challenging episodes. Matt Shephard will lead an open discussion about everything we can think of.

Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Batcheller has been Director of the Marching Chips for 20 years. He teaches courses in conducting and rehearsal methods, conducts the CMU Wind Symphony, and has adjudicated band contests and festivals across the United States. He has published articles in the Journal of Band Research, the Instrumentalist magazine, and is a frequent contributor to the Teaching Music Through Performance series of reference books. Batcheller served as Drum Major of the Marching Chips in 1981-1983.
Katie was a member and section leader in the Marching Chips for 5 years. Katie is a former band director, now serving as the Data Instructional Coach at Hamtramck High School. She is in her 12th year on our staff and has been a performer with the 1st Michigan Colonial Fife and Drum Corps for over 20 years.
Corey is an alumnus of Central Michigan University, where he was drum major of the Chippewa Marching Band from 2009 to 2012. This will be Corey's 11th year working at our camp, and his 5th as director of the drum major camp. Corey is a drill writer and arranger for several high school and college bands across the country. Corey lives in Seattle, WA, where he is pursuing his doctorate in instrumental conducting at the University of Washington.
Matt served as Drum Major of the Marching Chips from 1997 to 2000 and is in his 15th year on our camp staff. This fall, he’ll begin his 20th year as Director of Bands at Meridian Public Schools in Sanford, Michigan, where his program has been recognized by the Grammy Foundation and the National Association of Music Merchants.
John has been a performer, designer, choreographer, and adjudicator in the marching arts since 1992. He marched in the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps, winning two world championships. He works as Director of Transportation for the Pittsburgh Public Schools. This is John’s 15th year as Director of our Color Guard Camp.
Professor of Pageantry Arts at the University of Michigan. Joan has participated in marching band, winter guard, and drum corps since the age of 12. She is a widely respected designer and choreographer, has presented at the College Band Directors National Association Athletic Band Symposium, and is in her 10th year on our staff.
Tim has led the CMU Drum Line and has been the principal percussion arranger for the Marching Chips for 7 years. He has over 20 years of private teaching experience and has been a performer and instructor for marching bands and drum corps for nearly as long. Tim appears frequently as timpanist for the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra, and the Saginaw Bay, Flint, Traverse City, Midland, and Lansing Symphony Orchestras. Time has been the director of our Drum Line Camp since it was founded two years ago.



Zoom will be used for all sessions during Virtual Marching Chips Summer Camps. Attendees are required to sign-up for a free Zoom account to be used during the event. This should be done prior to Monday, July 13.  If you have any questions on making your free account, or using Zoom, please reach out to Kristin Pagels at