New for 2019-2020
All CMU Faculty Artist concerts are presented at no charge to the general public.

2019-2020 Events


3    Faculty Jazz, 7:30 pm

8    Jamie Fiste, cello, 7:30 pm

22  Powers Woodwind Quintet, 7:30 pm


14  New Music for a While, 7:30 pm


21    Faculty Brass Quintet, 7:30 pm

28   Fangye Sun, violin, 7:30 pm

30   Rebels & Rule-breakers, 7:30 pm


6    Jazz Weekend XLVII Kick-Off Concert, 7:30 pm

11    Crescent Duo, 7:30 pm

16   Alicia Valoti, viola, 3:00 pm

23  The Organ & Piano as Duet Partners, 3:00 pm


7     Lindabeth Binkley, oboe, 7:30 pm

24   YARA Ensemble, 7:30 pm

Master Series Tickets
Tickets for Guest Artist concerts, Juletide, Jazz Weekend, Opera, and Festival Chorus can be purchased at
Ticket Central Online or by calling 989-774-3045.

Rates: $10 Adults, and $7 Seniors/Students

Tickets available at the door are limited and cash only. All performances take place in Staples Family Concert Hall unless otherwise listed. Concert programs, artists, and dates, are subject to change. For more information call the School of Music at 989-774-3281. 

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