New music by Dr. Evan Ware
with ÆPEX Contemporary Performance
and CMU alumna Amy Petrongelli

"All I have is now. Therefore, what I can do—what I feel I must do—is to try to give this reassurance to others, those survivors in our immediate midst here at Central Michigan University, Michigan State University, and beyond in the hopes that the act of sharing can foster community, safety, and healing." -Evan Ware

This performance is an opportunity for healing and reflection as we offer support to all people affected by sexual assault. Dr. Ware’s first symphony reflects on his own experiences with childhood sexual assault, hoping to give a perspective for male survivors, who often do not have a voice on this topic. His newest symphony, of which this event will be a world premiere, is inspired by the bravery of survivors from recent events at MSU.

"Like most people, I was horrified by the revelations during the 2017 trial of the sports doctor at Michigan State University. The number of victims was as staggering as the depth of their betrayal not only by the perpetrator himself, but by university administrators, faculty, and in some cases even family members. Myself a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I knew all too well that, though there was grim satisfaction in the perpetrator’s conviction and sentencing, the work of the hundreds of women who survived this ordeal was in many ways just beginning." -Evan Ware

Symphony No. 2 is dedicated to survivors around us, outspoken or quiet, strong or struggling, all of whom deserve our unequivocal support. This piece is therefore a meditation on the immeasurable beauty both of the world and of the hearts that earnestly experience it. Some of this beauty is dark, some luminescent, and some appears mundane—cutting vegetables, waiting at a railway crossing—but beneath the rinds of these experiences pulses vital meanings: the desire to persist, the confrontation with change, and difficult but vital task of coming to love and value ourselves.

Tickets can be purchased through Ticket Central online, or by calling 989-774-3045. Staples Family Concert Hall is located inside the Music Building on the campus of Central Michigan University. Free surface parking is available in Lot 33 for this event.


Composer, Dr. Evan Ware

Dr. Evan Ware, Assistant Professor of Composition at Central Michigan University, writes music of angular, bristling energy, with moments ranging from clamorous sublimity to reverent tenderness. Through his works, he frequently confronts themes of alienation, trauma, and power while seeking to transform them through acceptance, compassion, and recognition of innate beauty.

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Soprano Amy Petrongelli and ÆPEX Music Director Kevin Fitzgerald.

Soprano Amy Petrongelli revels in performing music of all different periods and styles. Lauded in the New York Times for her “admirable fluidity,” her diverse solo performance career encompasses music from Haydn’s Creation in Carnegie Hall to Berio’s Sequenza III at the Radio Nacional Córdoba in Argentina. An advocate for new music, Amy frequently works with living composers bringing to life new works for the voice.

Amy’s commitment to musical collaboration has led her to fellowships at summer programs such as the Tanglewood Music Center, Eighth Blackbird Creative Lab, and Fall Island Vocal Arts Seminar. A passionate educator, Amy has taught at Eastern Michigan University, Akron University, the University of Michigan, and Penn State University.  She is currently an Assistant Professor of Voice at Baylor University in Waco, TX.

Ann Arbor-based
ÆPEX Contemporary Performance specializes in performances of rarely performed works or underrepresented composers of twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Approaching concert presentation in a modular way with room for both a regular concert series and partnerships in the artistic community, ÆPEX is a profoundly collaborative organization. The organizations has presented programs of solo, chamber, and choral music as well as opera in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Kalamazoo, and Detroit. ÆPEX has received funding from the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs and the Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation.

A recording of Dr. Ware's first symphony is available here on SoundCloud.