"Sure you’re a good singer, but there are lots of good singers,
you have to push yourself to be the best."

What is your favorite thing about our School of Music?
There is definitely a sense of family around the building, and that even extends to the faculty in the building!

What is your favorite opportunity that you’ve had as a musician at CMU?
Perhaps my favorite opportunity and most cherished moment as a musician at CMU had to be being given the opportunity to sing the national anthem at the 125th anniversary of CMU being a university. Being the recipient of the Ross Scholarship, I was able to sit and eat with former President Ross, First Lady Ross, and John Kulhavi, among other distinguished guests.

What are life lessons that you’ve learned through music at CMU?
Being in a program of such fine singers and performers, there is a need to practice and to push yourself more than what you’d think to do. This is just kind of preparing you for the “real world” out there where you’ve got singers who are grinding and putting in that work. So it’s a learning experience to push yourself more. Sure you’re a good singer, but there are lots of good singers, you have to push yourself to be the best.

What are things you’ve learned about yourself because of your time at CMU?
I’ve learned that I’ve got a lot of growing up to do, not only as a performer but with myself. Since being at CMU, Dr. Tucker has been my mentor from day 1 and he’s never hesitated to put me in check when I’m not doing something right. I moved away from home and thought I was an adult and ready for the real world, but he’s taught me a lot and has been a real father figure to me.

What would you like to do after you graduate?
After graduation, I’d love to take my chance at performing for 10-15 years or so on the big stage! Although performing and doing musicals can be stressful in those moments, really becoming my character and making music and relationships…those are the moments that take away all other stress that life kicks your way. After doing that, I plan to work my way into the political field, getting into the national government. Ultimately, my #1 goal is to become President of the United States, that’s been my dream since the second grade.