Bruce Bonnell, horn


This CD is available at Centaur Records


“Dr. Bruce Bonnell is a first-rate musician whose tone quality is consistently dark and beautiful, whose technical skills are excellent and who makes strong and meaningful statements.”

-- American Record Guide (Nov/Dec. 2008)


Track Listing

1. Ewazen: Ballade
2. Ewazen: Pastorale
3. Ewazen: Dance
4. Telemann: Concerto a tre I
5. Telemann: Concerto a tre II
6. Telemann: Concerto a tre III
7. Doppler: Souvenir du Rigi
8. Muller: Serenade op.15
9. Bach: 2-Bit Contraptions: Second Lieutenant
10. Bach: 2-Bit Contraptions: Calliope
11. Bach: 2-Bit Contraptions: Gramophone
12. Bach: 2-Bit Contraptions: Pinwheel
13. Barboteu: Esquisse