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Repertoire, performed from memory, must include:

1)  A Prelude and Fugue from J.S. Bach's Well Tempered Clavier

2) An entire sonata, either by Beethoven (except Op. 2, No. 1; Op. 14; Op. 49, and

Op. 78) or Mozart (except K. 280, 283, and 545)

3) One major work from either the Romantic, Contemporary, or Impressionistic periods. For further information regarding the solo audition, please contact

Dr. Adrienne Wiley, Professor of Piano and Pedagogy and Keyboard Area Coordinator ( or Dr. Alexandra Mascolo-David, Professor of Piano (


Auditions are performed on the 3 manual, 61-rank Casavant Organ, Opus 3756, Staples Family Recital Hall in the School of Music.
Repertoire requirements:

  1. A major J. S. Bach
    • prelude and fugue,
    • a large chorale prelude (Leipzig Chorales, Clavierubüng, Part III
    • -OR- Trio Sonata, all 3 movements
  2. One piece from the 19th century—Franck, Brahms, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Vierne, Widor, etc.
  3. One piece from the 20th or 21st century—Alain, Duruflé, Langlais, Messiaen, Distler, Hindemith, Locklair, Sowerby, etc.
  4. One hymn of your choice, including all verses and using appropriate registrations.

Memorization is encouraged but not required. There will be no sight-reading.

Graduate Assistantship Requirements

Students auditioning for a graduate assistantship in piano are required to demonstrate their accompanying and sight-reading skills during the audition. They must prepare the following collaborative works:

  1. One Italian, or German, or French Art Song
  2. A substantial work for solo instrument and piano -OR- one movement of an instrumental sonata. For specific questions regarding the collaborative portion of the audition, please contact Dr. Zhao Wang, Director of Collaborative Studies (

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