Planning to become a music major or minor at CMU?

In order to study at the School of Music, all incoming students (freshmen, transfer, and graduate) must complete a successful audition on their primary instrument or voice. We look forward to meeting you soon and introducing you to our supportive music community! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students are invited to audition primarily online for Fall 2021 entry to the School of Music.  

If you have already registered for an audition but would like to make a change to your registration, email Pam Vancuren at or call our office at 989-774-3281. Do not complete the online registration form a second time.

Music Award Consideration 

All auditionees will be considered for a Music Award, no matter how they choose to audition (online or in-person).  However, we strongly encourage applicants to audition early if they wish to secure School of Music acceptance and receive early notification of their Music Award status.  Additional information about Music Scholarships can be found here. 

Visit our School of Music Audition Experience Hub to find:

  • A link to the specific audition requirements for your instrument/voice
  • Video tutorials on how to make and submit your School of Music audition video 
  • Video tutorial on how to prepare for the virtual interview process and what to expect at your interview 
  • Information about the special “We Do Music” Zoom sessions and on-demand content being offered on your virtual audition day
  • Click here to visit the Audition Experience Hub

Online Auditions

Online auditions will require the submission of a pre-recorded video performance of the School of Music Audition Requirements for your voice or instrument (see Audition Requirements towards the bottom of this page) and the scheduling of a Zoom interview with the professor of your instrument/voice.  

  • Instrumentalists: Video submissions must be received by the School of Music no later than one week prior to your scheduled Online Interview Date.
  • Vocalists: Video submissions must be received by the School of Music no later than two weeks prior to your scheduled Online Interview Date.   

Virtual Interview Dates (Scheduled between 1PM- 5PM)  

  • February 27 (Saturday) 

Our faculty are excited and eager to meet you!  Your interview may consist of: 

  • Discussion of your video submission (click here to submit your audition video)
  • Sight-reading via screen share from the Professor’s computer 
  • Performance of the scales or technical studies required for admission to the School of Music 
  • The opportunity for you to ask questions and get to know us! 

On-Campus Auditions | 
Friday, March 19th

As of Friday, February 12th we are planning to hold socially distanced on-campus auditions on Friday, March 19th. Should this format need to change for any reason we will contact you and offer an online audition option.  If you originally registered for an on-campus audition but would like to audition online instead on March 19th, please contact our music office at 989-774-3281 or email Pam Vancuren at

What should you expect during an on-campus Audition Day?

Individual auditions will be scheduled between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on audition day.

  • WoodwindBrass, and Percussion students will audition only for the professor of their instrument, without an accompanist, in the faculty member’s office or a classroom.
  • String students will audition for all string faculty and the Director of Orchestral Studies.
  • Vocalists will audition for all members of the vocal faculty in Chamichian Recital Hall.  A collaborative pianist for singers is provided for you at no cost and printed copies of the audition pieces must be supplied. Taped accompaniments are not allowed.

Discipline-specific audition requirements:

Click for woodwind audition requirements Click for brass audition requirements Click for percussion audition requirements Click for keyboard audition requirements Click for string audition requirements Click for vocal audition requirements Click for composition program application requirements email us at 

School of Music Audition FAQs

In order to major in music, you must audition. You will be asked to perform for the instructor(s) of the instrument you play. You will also be asked to complete the Basic Musical Skills Assessment (written theory placement, aural placement, and optional piano placement). Specific details regarding audition requirements are sent two to three weeks before the audition date that you select.
If you audition and are accepted as an instrumental music major, your place in the Marching Band is guaranteed. No further audition is necessary. However, music majors who wish to play an instrument other than their major instrument must audition to do so.
Any CMU student may audition to become a member of the Chippewa Marching Band. Auditions take place in conjunction with early Student Orientation sessions. Once accepted to the University, students will receive an information packet from the Orientation office. Be sure to indicate your desire to audition by checking the options available on the Orientation web site. Learn more about the Chippewa Marching Band here.

You will be asked to demonstrate the best of their training. The emphasis in these auditions is on determining your skill level and your experience. The audition includes both music and physical movement.
If you wish to perform in an ensemble, but do not wish to pursue music as a major, you must audition during times and dates designated for the various ensembles. Choir auditions are held during the weekend prior to the start of classes. Bands and Orchestras hold auditions during the first 1-2 weeks of the semester. Audition requirements vary, depending on the ensemble. All Central Michigan University ensembles are open to all CMU students by audition.

For more information on how you can join a performing ensemble, contact our faculty below:
  • Vocal Ensembles: Dr. Amon Eady
  • Concert Bands: Chris Chapman
  • Jazz Bands: Rob Smith
  • Orchestra: José-Luis Maúrtua
You are still required to audition to be a music minor. Audition requirements are the same as for music major auditions.
No. There are two separate application processes. You must apply to the University by filling out a CMU Admissions application. You must also complete the audition process for the School of Music. Acceptance to the University does not imply acceptance to the School of Music.
We offer talent-based scholarships to students who plan to major in music. Amounts range from $1,000-$3,000 per academic year and are renewable up to three additional years, as long as you remain a music major and meet renewal criteria. If you are not a music major, you may be eligible to receive a lesson grant, which covers the cost of enrollment for private lessons and an ensemble. Enrollment in private lessons as a non-major is on a space available basis only. We do not offer scholarships to students who only wish to participate in an ensemble.

Students interested in talent-based scholarships are encouraged to sign up for their audition on January 20, February 13, February 27, or March 19th.
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