MIDI Computer Lab

The Computer Music Lab, located in the Music Technology Suite in Rm. 295 is designed for use in composition, arranging, sound design, and digital audio production. Registered students have access to the lab during regular building hours through the use of magnetic card readers. 


CAMIL Computer Lab

The Computer Assisted Music Instruction Lab (CAMIL) is located on the first floor in the Music Resource Center (MRC). This lab's primary function is to support classes in the School of Music with a wide variety of CAI (Computer-Assisted Instruction), Music Education, and Multimedia software. The CAMIL lab is also a popular place to do homework and research on the Internet. There are ten work stations within the lab and four additional work stations located in the MRC itself.

Audio Production

The Audio Production Studio, located in the Music Technology Suite, is used for post-production and mastering of all School of Music performances. The studio is equipped for analog and digital recording, editing and playback. Additionally, the studio is utilized in the Music Technology courses taught at CMU. School of Music concert recordings can be checked out and listened to in the Music Resource Center. For more information, contact Audio Production Manager Scott Topazi.


Other Facilities

Technology is not limited only to the labs. All classrooms and performances halls are equipped with Macintosh computers, visualizers, LCD projectors, and audio/MIDI systems. Faculty can use these systems for classroom multimedia and Internet presentations.

Additionally, the School of Music Residential College, located in Herrig Residence Hall, features a computer lab on the second floor, among the living quarters, and a mediated classroom in the basement.
There are several MIDI-equipped practice rooms, which feature the accompaniment software programs Band-in-a-Box and Coda's SmartMusic.

Computer Purchasing

Student discounts for new computers are available through the CMU/Apple Store.

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