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Letter from the Director

Thanks for your interest in the Music School here at Central Michigan University!

This is a time of unparalleled growth and development for Central Michigan University's School of Music. With approximately 400 music students and 41 faculty members, the School of Music is a major national institution, offering a wide range of high-quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Our success has been fueled by the work of a dedicated faculty of artist/teachers, a rigorous curriculum, and the outstanding accomplishments of our students and alumni. Through our degree programs, outreach to the schools and community, research, creative activity and service, the School of Music has become a center of a cultural/music network extending from the elementary general music classroom to the concert stage, from mid-Michigan to the nation and beyond.

The students, faculty and alumni of the School of Music form a close community united by our love for teaching, learning and making music. If you have the talent, ambition and dedication necessary to make a successful life in music, we invite you to join us!