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The Music Education concentration is designed so students can complete requirements in three summers and one additional course completed during the academic year or in a fourth summer session. The degree combines required courses in research, history, and theory, with elective courses in pedagogy, conducting, and technology.

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Summer Graduate Courses for 2019

MUS 718 | 3 credits
Historical Topics II: 19-21 Century                                                     

Clifton, Keith1.jpgExamination of selected topics in the history of music from the Romantic period through the twentieth century.

Keith Clifton, Instructor
MTWRF: 8 - 9:50 a.m.
June 24 - August 1

Register by May 15

MUS 731 | 3 credits

Curriculum Design in Music Education

Randi Lhommedieu.jpgExamines of contemporary practices, methods, and resources for developing standards-based curricula for K-12 music programs.

Randi L'Hommedieu, Instructor
MTWRF: 10:00 – 11:50 p.m.
June 24 - August 1

Register by May 15

MUS 797 | 3 credits

Music in Science Fiction Film

2017H-191-001    Evan Ware -music.jpgExamines the ways music and sound are used to express the fantastic, the uncanny, the awesome, the hilarious, and the terrifying in science fiction films. Using pivotal examples from 1950 forward, we analyze how music first sonically defined the genre, and how it was later adopted as science fiction diversified into sub-genres including fantasy, horror, comedy, and drama.

Evan Ware, Instructor
MTWRF:  1:00 - 5:50 p.m.
June 24-July 5

                                         Register by May 15

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Master of Music Degree Concentrations

The music education concentration has been designed especially for forward-thinking public school music educators interested in a planned and rigorous academic program containing studies in music theory, history, research, and education combined with relevant topical seminars. A unique aspect of this degree program is the opportunity to tailor elective studies within the course sequence to meet specific pedagogical needs. For example, students may wish to pursue studies that emphasize classroom music methodologies, music research, or performance.

Students also may select a concentration in instrumental or choral conducting, composition, or ​performance. See full descriptions on the Graduate Programs Page.

Each student will work individually with the graduate coordinator to develop his or her own program. Most programs can be designed so students can complete requirements either in three summers plus one course, two years in residency, or a combination of academic year and summer course work.

More Information

For more information about the Three Summer's Grad program, contact Dr. Daniel Steele by email at or by calling (989) 774-1970. ​​​​​​​​​

Letter from the Director

The School of Music at Central Michigan University offers a summer graduate program in music education that stresses both academic rigor and relevancy to the in-service teacher's day-to-day professional responsibilities.

Summer graduate offerings include six-week classes in music theory, history, education, and research, as well as intensive one-and two-week courses and seminars on special topics. Taught by nationally recognized faculty in an advanced music facility, this exceptional schedule of summer experiences offers in-service music educators high quality professional development activities on a convenient, flexible schedule.

With the 2008 summer session, the School of Music began a graduate cohort program that facilitates completion of a master's degree in music education or conducting in three summers plus one course completed either during the academic year or in a fourth summer session. This enables graduate students to complete their degree in a secure and timely manner while maintaining a full-time professional position.

The cohort plan guarantees degree requirements will be available on a regular and efficient rotation. The summer program also accommodates a less intensive program of study and continuing education course work to maintain professional certification.

We hope you will join us this summer for an exploratory class, continuing professional development, or for pursuing a graduate degree in music.

Best wishes,

Randi L'Hommedieu's Signature

Dr. Randi L'Hommedieu
Director and Instructor