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For degree requirements, please find the corresponding program in the University's Bulletin Site


Financial Aid

Financial aid opportunities are available at the University's Financial Aid Site.
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Transfer Students

Prospective transfer students should contact their current college advising office to see if they have a transfer guide which details the appropriate course sequence for the current institution. The CMU School of Music has articulation agreements with many Michigan community colleges (see CMU Transfer Students Equivalency Page)

Transfer students must attend one of the Transfer Orientation sessions and attend the meeting for students wishing to major or minor in music during summer orientation. At that time, students will be given a list of music courses for the upcoming semester as well as a semester-by-semester outline (or degree map) of the degree he/she is interested in pursuing.

During a transfer student's first semester at CMU, an appointment should be scheduled in the School of Music Office to meet with the Undergraduate Advisor. In this meeting, students review remaining course requirements, confirm the disposition of transfer credits, and discuss degree choices.

School of Music Scholarships

For more information about scholarships and competitions, please contact our office supervisor, Melinda Zeneberg, at or 989-774-1945. 

Student Organizations in the School of Music

A variety of on-campus music, professional, and service oriented organizations are available for music majors and minors to join. Click this link to more about which music Registered Student Organization (RSO) is right for you!

School of Music Residential College​​​

Both Music Majors and Minors have the opportunity to live in our exlusive Music Residential College on Herrig 2nd floor. This experience offers an environment in which students are surrounded by peers with whom they have common interests and goals. Featuring on-site practice facililtes and music technology, the Music Residential College is just a short walk from the music building.