Resources within the School of Music

Documents and Forms

Here you will find a collection of School of Music forms to assist you with various School of Music application processes.

Music Resource Center

The Music Resource Center is a computer lab/listening library within the School of Music.  The MRC houses library materials such as course reserves as well as CD recordings and School of Music concert archives.

Musician's Health and Wellness

The School of Music offers various online and print resources to assist students with maintaining health and wellness.

Resources at the University


The Registrar's Office handles all questions regarding course enrollment/registration.  It is also where you go to turn in "bump cards", which are required for enrollment under certain circumstances.

Student Account Services and University Billing

Student Account Services and University Billing handles all questions regarding a student's financial account.  All CMU charges and payments, including tuition and fees, go through this office at some point.

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid works closely with Student Account Services and University Billing and answers questions regarding Federal, state, CMU, and local financial assistance.

Academic Advising

In addition to the School of Music Assistant Director, who handles advising for music students, there are also advisors who can help guide you through graduation requirements in general.  You may contact the Academic Advising and Assistance office for more information.

CMU Counseling Center

Being a college student can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.  The CMU Counseling Center offers free, confidential services to CMU students.