Why Choose the College of the Arts and Media?

As a CAM student, you will enrich your ability to think creatively, critically, and share your passion. In the rigorous pursuit of beauty and truth, you will develop skills that will transform your life and the lives of others. If you want to make a significant impact on the world around you, the CMU College of the Arts and Media is the place to start that journey. 

Department of Art and Design

The Department of Art and Design will help you cultivate a rich and dynamic relationship to art, while providing the real-world skills and perspective required to pursue a career in the visual arts. We offer accredited programs in graphic design, photography, studio arts, animation, visual arts education and art history. There are numerous opportunities for you to connect with activities related to your curriculum and to exhibit your work in the University Art Gallery.


School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts

The School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts is an award-winning media program showing you how to take an idea and turn it into an impactful audio-visual project communicated through radio, television, film, the web or new delivery channels on the horizon. You can engage in hands-on experiences from freshman through senior year with the student run TV and radio stations as well as become involved with the recording label and the film society.


Department of Communication

In the Department of Communication, you will learn about human communication processes and their role in the creation and development of social experience. Interpersonal and public communication covers a variety of areas such as public speaking, intercultural communication, organizational communication, family systems, communication education, small group communication, debate and persuasion. There are opportunities to participate on the award-winning debate team or join the Communication Association.

Department of Journalism

The accredited Department of Journalism will train you in this broad field that includes the concepts of becoming an expert in presenting factual information to an audience visually, in writing and through multimedia resources. Our graduates go on to careers in creating content for corporations and non-profits, as social media managers for a wide array of organizations, as advertising sales professionals, and as news professionals for magazines, websites, newspapers, and other venues.


School of Music

Our accredited School of Music prepares students for careers in music education, performance and theory/composition. There are numerous opportunities for students to perform in the School of Music’s state of the art facility which is fully equipped with impressive concert halls, recording facilities, technology labs and a listening library. Our graduates teach, compose, perform, work in arts management or music-related fields, and enter into graduate schools all across the country.

Department of Theatre and Dance

Our Theatre and Dance program brings together a strong curriculum, dynamic faculty with diverse backgrounds, great facilities, and numerous opportunities to participate in productions starting in your freshman year. Working alongside trained professionals, you will hone and sharpen your abilities within the areas of performance and technical/design. You will develop robust foundational skills in the theatre and performing arts industries.

In our unique Music Theatre major, you will work alongside exceptional faculty members, and gain a sound academic and theoretical understanding in an interdisciplinary context. You will train and develop the skills and gain the experience needed for a career as a professional performer. Simultaneously, we prepare you for a variety of careers in music, theatre, and their related fields.

Integrative Public Relations

As a major in Integrative Public Relations, you will build the diverse skills needed to be successful in the multifaceted field of public relations. This interdisciplinary program combines the strengths of Broadcasting & Cinematic Arts, Journalism, and the Department of Communication. You will develop a comprehensive skill-set in writing, design, event planning and portfolio development. Our required internships have 100% placement, and our graduates are very successful in their job searches.