Steps to declaring your major and/or minor in CAM

  1. Identify your faculty advisor (see below).
    • Some advisors are pre-determined, some are assigned, and some are decided by you.  Make sure you read the list carefully.

  2. Drop by their office hours.  If you can't make their office hours, email them to schedule an individual meeting.

  3. At the meeting, faculty advisors will declare your major or minor with you in Degree Progress.
    • Ask faculty if you have any transfer credit you'd like them to look at or there are any amendments you need them to make.

  4. Check Degree Progress  (formerly Advising Workbench) for confirmation everything is accurate.  You will also receive an email alerting you to an update to your record. 

If you are declaring a major or minor outside of CAM

Each department does things differently.  Call or drop by the department's office to see what their process is or to get advisor contact information. 

Advisors by Department

Studio Art and Art Minor
Brian Elder 
Focus: Painting/Drawing   | Wightman 139

Kris Sanford (declares majors only)
Focus: Photography   | Wightman 139

Al Wildey (declares majors only)
Focus: Photography   | Wightman 153B (upstairs)  |  989-774-6516

Johanna Paas
Focus: Printmaking   | Wightman 140   | 989-774-4244

Greg Stahly
Focus: Ceramics/Sculpture  |  Wightman 162  |  989-774-1157

Graphic Design
​Students must be accepted into the Graphic Design program to sign the major. If you have questions, contact one of the following: 

Clark Most  |  Wightman 138  |  989-774-4280

David Stairs  |  Wightman 147  |  989-774-3064

Larry Burditt  |  Wightman 168

Animation (anticipated FA 19)
Steve Leeper  |  Wightman 166  |  989-774-2260

Art History
Rachael Barron-Duncan  |  Wightman 167  |  989-774-3235

Scott deBrestian  |  Wightman 133  |  989-774-3551
Art Education
Contact the department of Art & Design
Wightman 132  |  989-774-3025

This is not an official major to declare. Please contact the pre-architecture advisor for guidance in professional school requirements and application processes.

Greg Stahly  |  Wightman 162  |  989-774-1157
BAA Degree
Last name: A-K
Moore 345  |  989-774-1655

Last name: L-Z
Moore 311  |  989-774-7285

BFA, BA, BS, BS in Education Degree and BCA minor
Heather Polinsky,
Moore 344  |   989-774-2031
Cinema Studies Minor
Moore 311  |  989-774-7285

Electronic Media Sales Minor
Moore 310  |  989-774-2819

Communication Major or Minor
Contact the Communication Office
​Moore Hall 333, 989-774-3177

Jinhee Lee  |  Moore 410 | 989-774-3196

Mike Marn  |  Moore 418 | 989-774-1545
​​​Journalism Major or Minor
Lori Brost  |  Moore 419  |  989-774-1545

Jiafei Yin  |  Moore 450  |  989-774-3695

Journalism-PR Concentration
Elina Erzikova  |  Moore 414

Jim Wojcik​  |  Moore 409  |  989-774-4339

Richard Ren​  |  Moore 421  |  989-774-1339

Kent Miller  |  Moore 413 

Teresa Hernandez  |  Moore 416  |  989-774-6441

Public Affairs Minor
Richard Ren​  |  Moore 421  |  989-774-1339

All Majors & Minors
All music majors and minors must audition and be accepted into the music program ​prior to signing. Contact the School of Music with questions (Music Building 162, 989-774-3281,​
Theatre Major or Minor
Contact the Theatre & Dance Office
​Moore Hall 133, 989-774-7710

Dance Minor
Contact the Theatre & Dance Office
​Moore Hall 133, 989-774-7710
Integrative Public Relations
Students are only able to sign the IPR major during or after completing IPR 101. For list of advisors, please visit their website.
If you haven't taken IPR 101, but must declare your major due to the 56 hour requirement, please contact one of the IPR advisors listed on the website for assistance.​

Music Theatre
Admission to the Music Theatre program is by audition only. Auditions occur early in the spring semester each year for admission to the program the following fall. Students must be accepted into the Music Theatre program prior to signing.
​Contact Nancy Eddy, School of Music ( with questions.

Multimedia Design Minor
Please refer to this website​.