Musical Theatre Graduate is Finding his Role

Stephan Wilson

Stephan Wilson is a 2019 Music Theatre graduate pursuing the dream he’s had since high school. After his high school science teacher had seen him in the production of “Beauty and the Beast” and suggested he should find a university offering a program in the Theatre Arts, Stephan realized he could make a career out of his passion. 

While he is still in the beginning of his journey as a professional, his story doesn’t, of course, start there. When Stephan first visited CMU, he learned everything about the Music Theatre program and audition process. Along with this impressive program, his decision to attend CMU was solidified due to student success resources available through programs like Pathways and other student success initiatives. 

Stephan graduated with his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre and promptly left commencement to tour with the School of Music Chamber Singers on a multi-state tour. Afterword, he moved to South Carolina to commence his professional theatre career joining the Charleston Stage as a Resident Actor.

Dr. Annette Thornton, Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance, helped Stephan, as he says, “define myself as a performer.” He also credits voice teachers and professional musicians in helping him grow as a singer.

In his first year as a professional, Stephan has been very successful teaching theatre classes and was cast in “Footloose” and “Nevermore” and featured in “Elf the Musical” productions of Charleston Stage’s season. He has performed solo at several gala events for the non-profit theatre company. In the longer term, he sees himself residing in New York while traveling with productions based there.