Seeing Change by Being Change

Tori Stevens

In her 12 years as a professional, Tori Stevens, a 2008 Bachelor of Applied Arts in Communication and 2012 Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership graduate, has provided leadership in the higher education and corporate arenas in positions such as a Trainer, Teacher, Career Developer, Talent Acquisition Specialist, and Project Manager. Today, as the owner of a successful coaching, training, consulting and speaking company evolYOUtion , she applies all of these experiences and her CMU education to support her clients and audiences. 

Tori first decided to make CMU her educational home when she visited as a high school senior. She appreciated the welcoming atmosphere and open learning environment. During her freshman year, her floor’s Resident Assistant suggested she take the Foundations of Communication Theory course with Mary Ann Renz. For Tori, this course was an awakening. Until then, it seemed she had always been lacking the language needed to understand and explain “the why behind how people function.” 

Starting with that first core theory class and continuing through her major, Tori learned how to apply personal communication skills that have been threaded throughout her professional career. She gained listening and interpersonal observation expertise to be able to come to a better understanding of personalities. This allowed her to help facilitate communication across a diverse range of people. She says that every job she has ever been offered came due to networking skills she honed during her undergraduate experience. 

An additional skill that Tori shares with her evolYOUtion clients and audiences is self-adovcacy. Throughout her career, she saw that she couldn’t just wait around for others to act in her best interests, so she made the decision to learn to articulate her value and continually be open to new opportunities- like starting a business. She wants to see a world in which professionals appropriately self-disclose their strengths and gain confidence to take risks stepping into new careers or even other industries. Inspired by Ghandi’s quote, she had to “be the change” she wanted to see so that she can help others make the changes they need in their own lives and careers.